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This company has gone to the dogs.....the Flydogs

Technical Advisor
Sam - Flydogs Tech. Advisor
We are the Flydogs, Otis, Holly and Sam. We just love being outside, fishin', huntin', bird
chasing, we mean watching. Just about anything that could get us out into the great
outdoors gets us out into the great outdoors. We know that most of you share our
interests. [Although we just don't understand that 'paw shaking' thing you humans do when
you meet - we figure that we get much more pertinent info with our noses ]

Since we were just pups, our main and overriding passion has been the great outdoors.
Like so many of you, we would rather be enjoying the outdoors than just about anything
else. [except maybe sleepin' in the sun near the living room window on a winter afternoon]  
So we started this company so that we could share our love of the outdoor sports with as
many of our human friends as possible.

In this website we will offer as much information as possible on
fly-fishing, spin-fishing,
hunting, wildlife, camping, hiking, bird-watching, photography, taxidermy, animal and fish
sculpting, painting, and other outdoor pursuits. We will present a spot where outdoor
artists, photographers, clubs and
organizations, outfitters and guides, travel specialists, fly
shops, lodges and many other groups, both commercial and non-profit, will get their
information to you, our new non-barking friends. We will present all this to you in a down to
earth, easy to understand venue. We also hope that you will help us by sending us the
stories of your trips, and pictures of your
trophies, [and dogs] so that we may put them on
our site to share with others.

That's about it. We're 'tail waggin' happy to have met you and hope that you enjoy our
company as much as we enjoy yours. So start lookin' and start clickin' on links and enter
our house. But don't worry about wiping your feet, and feel free to get hair on the couch and
nose prints on the windows. We do. Just have a dog-gone good time.

'Flydogs'       Otis, Holly & Sam


Holly - Flydogs CFO
Otis - Flydogs CEO
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All Rights Reserved
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Jamie's Krazy Karper - The Best Fly for Catching Giant Carp on a Fly Rod
Baghdad School of Fly Fishing - Service People Learning to Fly Fish in a War Zone
The Ducks Just Didn't Care - a fantastic duck hunt on the waters of Michigan's Saginaw Bay
'Fire Tiger' Streamer - The perfect streamer for those giant pike, musky and smallmouth bass
Opening Day Reflections - Or 'How All I Caught Was This Walleye'
The 'Bruce Derington Collection'
Flies - Streamers - Recipes
click on -  Bruce Derington Collection
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David E. Laycock
David E. Laycock - Certified Personal Trainer
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People learn while they teach, so teach your  children of the
outdoors and nature and learn all you can in the process.
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Rare Naturally Spawned 'Tiger Musky' Caught on Lake St.
Jerry Kunnath with Lake St. Clair 'Tiger Musky' Hybrid
Grizzly Flies By Schottsie
More Flies - Streamers - Nymphs
Recipes & Pictures
click on -
Grizzly Flies
"Everything Outdoors"
All the Outdoor Information You Need
The 'White' Hold Memories Aplenty  -  An Article By Todd Schotz on fishing Michigan's
White River  -  
Be sure to also check out Todd's fly/streamer patterns on
Artistic Prints from Still Water Studios and Jay Lady
Click Here for:
Still Water Studios
Page on Flydogs
Fantastic Prints
"Tom Lounsbury Outdoors"
A great Outdoor Sports Radio
Program    WLEW 102.1FM
Also, a nice collection of Tom's
outdoor articles - a 'must see' read
WLEW 102.1 FM Outdoor Radio Show Host Tom Lounsbury
Michigan's Wild Pheasants - Tom Lounsbury takes us on an interesting and informative history
of Michigan's wild pheasant hunting story
Wintertime Bushytails - Wintertime squirrel hunting in Michigan as told by
outdoor writer Tom Lounsbury
Fly Fishing For Musky on Lake St. Clair - Giant musky action on a
fly rod by: Capt. Steve Kunnath   
Bob White's Whitefish Studio Logo
Click Here: For
Whitefish Studios
Great Paintings
Hemlock Hills Vacation Rental Home
Monster Walleye Caught on a Fly
Click Here for pic page-go to bottom
"Bow Hunting and the Jacket" a story from Todd Schotts about one of his early bow
hunting trips with his father
Click here to go to our 'pic page' to see some great pics of Great
Lakes Musky caught on Lake St. Clair   
'Montana Outdoors'
Stories from Montana shared with us
by the Geers, a family of outdoors
people living the outdoor life in one of   
     the most beautiful and truly wild         
                  areas of America
hunting - fishing - trapping - ranching
A beautiful Montana sunset - Jason Geer photo
Sailing on the Tall Ship Manitou in Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan
By: Jerry Kunnath
new listing
Bestmaze Corn Maze -
Great Seasonal [fall]
Family/Group Fun
3 Miles of Safe, Well
Groomed Trails - Mini Golf
Solid, Handmade, Hardwood,
Rustic Cabin/Lodge Furniture
Made In Michigan with
Michigan Hardwoods
Click Here for our
Rustic Furniture Page
Bestmaze Corn Maze - 20 miles east of Lansing, Michigan
Bear Paw Hunts - Quality Montana Outfitters
Bear Paw Hunts
Quality Outfitters
in the Rugged
Montana Wilds
EcoTemp 'Trouter' Ultimate Fishing Thermometer - EcoTEmp Industries LLC
EcoTemp 'Trouter'
Ultimate Fishing     
New Item
A 'new' article by Todd Schotts - Steelhead fishing on the Muskegon
River -   
'Battle of STeel & Will Power'
Click here to go to Capt. Doug Samsal's page with his Manistee River
Charters, featuring salmon an steelhead and
Lake St. Clair musky and smallmouth
bass fishing charters - great fishing in the great State of Michigan
Make sure you visit our all
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Rustic Cabin/Lodge           
 Furniture Section
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