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ATV Truck Sales
ATV Truck Sales Mini-Truck
The ultimate off road utility vehicle for:
Hunting, Fishing, Hauling, Tree Services,
Golf coarse, Airports, Factory's, Farms,
Police, Home, Pleasure, Trails, Nursery,
Orchards, Zoo's, Parks, University &
School grounds, Meter Maids, Cemetery's,
Marinas, Campgrounds, Resorts, Lodges,
Theme Parks, Storage Yards, Auto
Dealerships, Salvage Yard, Stables,
Construction Sites, Landscaping, Race
Tracks, Ranches, etc.
ATV Truck Sales Mini-Truck
If your interested in buying a Polaris
Ranger, Kawasaki Mule, John Deere Gator,
Club Car XRT, Cub Cadet 4x4, Kubota RTV,
Arctic Cat Prowler, Land pride Treker,
Gondo 4400EX 4x4,  Yamaha Rhino, Argo
or a Max all-terrain UTV? Be sure to
compare them to our mini trucks first. Mini
Trucks have much more to offer with a
much lower cost to you, purchase a mini
truck and be the envy of your buddies.
        ATV Truck Sales
       3140 S Fenton Rd.
         Holly, MI. 48442
248-210-5648 / 248-210-9465
ATV Truck Sales Mini Truck