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Otis, Sam & Holly - the Flydogs
  Bob White
Professional Guide And Artist
Bob White is an artist whose work is truly an expression of his
experiences. A professional guide and artist for two decades,
Bob has spent countless hours researching sportsmen and
women in action; from the wilderness of Alaska and his rural
Minnesota home to the wide-reaching expanses of Argentina.

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Bob White's Whitefish Studio Logo
Bob White, artist, professional guide, with an Argentinian brown trout
          Stillwater Studio
Preserving Solitude In Still Images Since 1999
James Lady - Still Water Studios
James Lady combines great artistic talent with a true love of nature to
produce some of the most beautiful photographic images of God's
green earth that I have ever had the pleasure to view. A visit to his
website makes me feel as if I were actually on a river with fly rod in
hand, or walking in the woods. His images are so realistic and vivid that
you would swear that you can smell the pine and hear the buzz of
skeeters. I urge you to travel to his page on Flydogs and click on the
link to his website and spend some time with James Lady in our great

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James Edward Emerson Lady with a really nice trout
Jay Lady's image titled 'Ripple'