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'Fire Tiger' Streamer

This larger streamer was created by Captain Steve Kunnath for fishing for pike, musky, and smallmouth bass
on Lake St. Clair, although we have found that it works great in any waters. It is meant to imitate a Great
Lakes Perch, which are more than plentiful in the lakes, and has produced well in fly fishing for smallmouth
and largemouth bass, pike, and musky on Lake St. Clair. While fishing this streamer Steve has even caught
walleye and catfish on it. For musky and pike this streamer should be tied as long as possible. Captain
Steve says,"I tie these streamers as long as I can for musky. If I could find twelve inch long sheep hair, I'd
use it." This Icelandic sheep's wool sheds water almost as soon as it is lifted from the lake. This ensures
that the streamer is then lighter and easier to cast. The eight to nine inch musky version will still need to
be cast with an 8 or 10 weight rod, which you would need to fight the big muskies and pike anyway. The
'Fire Tiger' is also a very active fly in the water, pulsating and waving constantly as you retrieve it. If
fishing it for musky and pike, remember to watch for the fish following your streamer all the way to the
boat. It is a very good idea to do a 'figure eight', or better yet, a 'figure circle' to entice those straggler fish
to hit the lure before you take it out for another cast.

'Fire Tiger' Streamer Recipe
Hook - 4/0 saltwater hook
Thread - 6/0 Uni Thread
Body - chartreuse, yellow and fluorescent pink Icelandic sheep’s wool
Eyes - large holographic glue on eyes [or paint some on]
Top line - peacock hurl and flashabou strands

Tie on the three layers of wool, chartreuse on top, yellow in the middle, and orange on the bottom, to
simulate the three layers of color on a perch. Tie three groups of fur on the way we described. One just
front of the hook bend, another about halfway towards the eye, and then another group about 3/4 inch
from the eye. Then tie on a few strands of peacock hurl and flashabou on top of the last group to create
the dorsal line on top. After you finish the thread head, glue on a large eye on each side of the head.
Finish the streamer by laying it on a flat surface and drawing a few large black lines [as shown in the
picture and on both sides of the streamer] vertically on the wool body with a waterproof magic marker.

Captain Steve Kunnath's
Lake St. Clair Fly Fishing Guide Service                      248-320-0688

Lake St. Clair Musky Fishing

A story on this site about fly fishing for smallmouth bass on Lake St. Clair

Captain Steve Kunnath's 'Fire Tiger' Musky Teaser Streamer
Captain Steve Kunnath's 'Fire Tiger' Musky Teaser Streamer
Andy Kotys with a nice Lake St. Clair Musky
Lake St. Clair Musky
Don't Put Your Fingers In This Mouth
The Perfect Streamer For:
Bass, Pike, and Musky
On Any Waters
Andy Kotys with a nice Lake St. Clair Musky
A happy client with a Lake St. Clair Fly Rod caught northern pike
A happy client with a nice fly rod caught
Lake St. Clair northern pike