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Collecting Fly Tying Materials
Fur - Fins - Feathers & Bone
By: Jerry Kunnath

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Collecting Fly Tying Materials

A 'Collection' Time

Part of my fascination with fly-fishing is the art of fly-tying. It is an added bonus to me to be able to
catch a fish with a lure that I have tied and sometimes designed on my own. Fly tying not only saves
me loads of money by letting me tie my own streamers, nymphs, eggs and flies, but it gives me the
satisfaction of knowing that I have been able to create those little artworks myself, and sometimes
catch a fish or two in the use of them. But tying flies does require a number of synthetic and natural
materials, some of which can be a little more pricey or hard to get than others. Now you might be
wondering, 'just what does this fly tying passion have to do with hunting anyway?' Well, this is where a
solid connection exists for me between hunting and fly fishing. During the hunting season I collect
materials from the birds and animals that I kill for use in my fly tying endeavours. I also make use of
the generosity of my friends who hunt, by having them save for me some of the fur, feathers, and hide
from their bagged quarry. It is amazing how much natural material you can amass for your tying larder
from fall harvested birds and animals if you just ask a few questions and investigate a few avenues.
And most of it is free, if you don’t count the expenses for guns, ammo, dogs, gas, lodging, food, ‘guilt’
gifts for your honey, etc. You get the picture.