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Yahoo Health 10/26/2006, Eat Right, Stay Fit

Eat More, Weigh Less
By: Cheryl Koch, MS, RD

Know someone who always seems to eat large amounts of food but never seems to gain a pound?  
Next time the two of you enjoy a meal together, take a closer look at what’s on his or her plate.

A new study published in August’s, Journal of the
American Dietetic Association examined the
eating habits of 7,500 adults.  One interesting finding was that people who favored less energy-
dense foods (those with fewer calories per gram) like fruits and vegetables consumed fewer
calories per day, even though they tended to eat larger portions than people who favored more
energy-dense options. Here’s why.

The study showed that adults who favor fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain products typically can
fill up on larger quantities of food than adults who favor fattier, more sugary foods.  In fact, not only
did they consume several hundred fewer calories per day (men consumed 425 fewer and women
250 fewer calories), they also consumed more calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, C, B6 and

Follow these tips to fill your plate without adding pounds:

Avoid calorie-dense foods such as chips, nuts, sweets, and processed or fatty   meats.

Include foods that are high in water and fiber, which add to a food’s bulk to give you a feeling of
fullness, but contribute few or no calories.

Start your meal with a large salad and low-fat dressings.

Increase the amount of vegetables on your plate while decreasing the amount of high-fat meats or
other meal items.

Satisfy your occasional sweet tooth with fresh fruits and berries topped with yougurt as a substitute
for cake and pie.

Substitute a yogurt-covered granola bar that adds fiber to your diet for that high-fat, high-sugar
chocolate bar.
Eat More  --  Weigh Less
Eat Right      Stay Fit