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David E. Laycock's Outdoor Recreational Fitness Section

David E. Laycock, Sergeant Major, U.S. Army [Retired] will
present to you in this section of the Flydogs Flyworks
website suggestions and recommendations, tips and
comments, to help you to get and to stay more physically
fit so that you may more enjoy your outdoor experiences.
Dave spent over 23 years on active duty with the U.S. Army.
His overseas service took him to Vietnam, Thailand
and Germany. He served in numerous Army installations
throughout the United States and did his tour of duty as
a Drill Sergeant at Fort Jackson, S.C.

His extensive fitness background began in high school
and continued through his entire career on active duty.
Since retiring he's been active in the health and
fitness industry and has added to his fitness background
by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer with the YMCA.
He then became a YMCA Personal Trainer, certifying
personal trainers for the Metro Detroit area.

Dave continues to increase his exercise knowledge
by completing the National Endurance and Sports Trainers
(NESTA) by becoming both a Certified
Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Advanced Personal

In 2003, Dave began competing in the local International
Federation of Bodybuilding
(IFBB) Amateur Bodybuilding
competitions. Since September 2003 he's placed in
every competition he's entered and plans on continuing
for many years to come.
Sergeant Major Dave E. Laycock [Retired]
Dave E. Laycock, Certidied Personal Trainer
Below is the list of articles that Dave has added to
this web site. Just click on a title to go to that article
Dave Laycock  has helped me tremendously with minimizing
my physical limitations that resulted from an injury years
ago. His expert training programs, with input from my
Dr. Dennis Giannini, have helped me to overcome
many of the painful and limiting symptoms that sometimes
curtail my outdoor experiences. Thanks to his knowledge
and help I am now able to enjoy more of my beloved
Jerry Kunnath - Flydogs Webmaster
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Answers For All Your Fitness Questions
The Adult Congenital heart and the Importance of exercise and recreation.
By: Robert Battle M.D.  [As Published in the Winter 2006 Edition of Heart Matters]
The importance of healthy exercise and recreation to work towards a healthy heart
and longevity.
Eat More - Weigh Less   By: Cheryl Koch, MS RD -   How to Stay fit and still enjoy fairly
large quantities of lucious food   [Previously published in Yahoo Health]
Top Ten Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer
By: David Laycock, NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
Dave gives us the 'Top Ten' reasons to hire a certified pro to help you with your personal
health training program - they are all great reasons
Physicians Page
More health Help
Hey guys,

The Gov of Michigan is at it again, she wants to tax health clubs, sports, concerts, golf, and
bowling.  Let your voice be heard.

Follow this link:

Then just click on "Take Action" in the top paragraph.

Please take the time it may save us all money!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Laycock