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Black Ghost [variant] Streamer - Tied by Bruce Derington
Black Ghost [variation] Streamer
    From the Bruce Derington Collection
                             Tied by: Bruce Derington
Black Ghost [variation] Streamer Recipe
Tied by: Bruce Derington

Hook:   Streamer 4XL   sizes 2-10
Thread:   Black 8/0 or 6/0
Tail:   Yellow hackle barbules
Ribbing:   Copper embossed tinsel (medium)
Body:   Black floss, and a underbody of lead (optional)
Throat:   Yellow hackle barbules
Wing:   White marabou
Sides/cheeks:   Jungle cock

1)   Tie thread in first behind eye ¼ inch, then wrap back to the bend.

2)   Tie in a small bunch of hackle barbules at the bend.  Length should be equal to gap.

3)   Wrap lead wire from butt ends to original tie in point and lock it in front and back
with thread wraps, make sure to bring thread forward.

4)   Tie in a 18” piece of floss ¼” behind eye and make side by side wraps back to the
bend and then back forward.

5)   Palmer ribbing forward with equal distance wraps, tie off.

6)   Tie in marabou just in front of ribbing by holding marabou securely in left hand and
make several wraps to secure it – and while still under pressure, upright any barbules
that may have torqued to far side.  Make sure marabou doesn’t slip around shank.  
Trim butt ends and finish securing.

7)   Tie in jungle cock on each side and finish off with a whip finish.