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'Feenstra's  Sculpin Emulator Streamer
            From the Bruce Derington Collection
                                        Tied by: Bruce Derington
'Feenstra's' Sculpin Emulator Streamer Recipe
Tied by: Bruce Derington

Hook:  CS15 Carrie Stevens 10x long… or, Daiichi 2220 #2
    (basically, any really long streamer hook)
Thread:  3/0 Brown
Tail:  Olive Marabou – Barred optional
Body:  Golden Emu
Hackle:  Olive Schlapen or Capon neck – barred optional
Natural Wood Duck
Head:  Opossum

1)  Start with a thread base and wrap back to bend

2)  Tie in Marabou feather – length of shank

3)  Tie in hackle, by the tip -- then emu feather (1 or 2) and wrap thread forward to ¾     

4)  Wrap emu forward and tie off, followed by hackle

5)  Tie in wood duck by the tip and make 1 or 2 turns only

6)  Tie in a clump of opossum or ram’s wool so the tips point back over the body, by
  making two tight wraps and pull back the butts and make tight wraps in front.
  Make two tight wraps  

7)  Tie in a second clump and finish off with whip finish

8)  Trim to shape, take care to not cut the hair that forms the collar

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Bruce Derington's Version of Kevin Feenstra's Sculpin Emulator Streamer