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Hendrickson Spinner Dry Fly
 From the Bruce Derington Collection
                          Tied by: Bruce Derington
Hendrickson Spinner Dry Fly Recipe
Tied by: Bruce Derington

Hook:         2X-long dry fly

Thread:       brown or tan

Tail:            micro-fibett  (split)

Egg Sac:     yellow, super fine dubbing

Body:          dark tan  (BSG99)

Hackle:       medium/dark deer

1)        Tie in a round ball at back of hook using yellow dubbing, this will simulate egg sac and also
help divide fibetts.

2)        Tie in 4/6 micro fibetts in front of egg sac near halfway point.  Wrap thread back towards ball       
and position fibetts on either side, splaying them out.

3)        Dub your thread and wrap a body from the egg sac to ¼ behind eye.

4)        Tie in 2 hackles and wrap forward.

5)   Cut bottom of hackles close to body.

Hendrickson Spinner Tied by Bruce Derington