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'Hendrickson Reversed Hackle Burnt Wing'
                    From the Bruce Derington Collection
                                                 Tied by: Bruce Derington
'Hendrickson Reversed Hackle Burnt Wing' Recipe

Tied by: Bruce Derington

HOOK:  Standard dry fly  14 or 16
THREAD:   8/0 tan or brown
TAIL:   Medium Dun hackle barbules (sparse)
WING:   Light/medium hen hackle (burnt)
BODY:   Dark tan (BLS 99)
Hackle:   Medium/dark Dun

1)  Tie in tail 10-15 barbules, then advance thread to wing tie-in point, ¾ of the way

2)  Prepare wings (wing burner or cut wing).  Length should be equal to shank.  Tie in so
wing tips point forward and secure with several wraps.  Hold wings up and build a
“dam” in front so wings “stand up”.

3)  Tie hackle in at front of wings and secure with several wraps.

4)  With thread positioned just behind eye, dub thread.  Wrap dubbing to the bend, just
above barb.  Leave thread there.

5)  Wrap hackle back to bend and secure with whip finish.

6)  Make a “V” cut on the underside of hook shank.

Two things make this fly pattern:  the reversed hackle may seem unorthodox but it really supports the
fly and the “V” cut on the underside makes it really sit on the water much like the natural duns.  

* Important note:  wings must sit straight on hook to prevent helicoptering when casting.  

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Hendrickson Reversed Hackle Burnt Wing Dry Fly-Photo Jeff Selser