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'Woven Nymph'
From the Bruce Derington Collection
                Tied by: Bruce Derington
'Woven Nymph' Recipe
Tied by: Bruce Derington

Mustad 9671 or any standard nymph hook
THREAD:  6/0-  2 types:  1 light color (underbody) and 1 dark color for the rest
TAIL:   Turkey or Goose biots
ABDOMEN:   Vinyl rib:  2 colors – light & dark   ie. black/amber
WING CASE:   Pheasant/Turkey tail
THORAX:   Rabbit (Krystal Dub Hare’s Ear)

1.   Form a small dubbing ball over the barb, and then tie in biots on the sides (don’t trim
butts until you advance thread to halfway point, securing biots as you go)

2.   Tie in two 5” pieces of vinyl rib.  I recommend tie in point at the halfway point and
wrap back then forward again, making sure to keep vinyl rib on opposing sides.  Do a
couple of half hitches and remove thread.

3.   Begin building the
abdomen by the weave technique (which is a series of overhand
knots).   Proceed to just past halfway point and re-tie in black thread and tie off vinyl rib.  
TIP:  use counter weights on the vinyl rib.

4.   Tie in wing case at the halfway point

5.   Form a
dubbing loop with rabbit and wrap forward to form thorax

6.   Fold one wing case and secure with several wraps, then fold back over itself so butt
end is facing back, and secure it.  Whip finish and clip 2nd wing case.

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Bruce Derington's 'Woven Nymph' Pattern