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'Zoo Cougar' Streamer
From the Bruce Derington Collection
                Tied by: Bruce Derington
'Zoo Cougar' Streamer Recipe
Tied by: Bruce Derington

Hook:   TMC 300, 3665A, or any X-Long hook
 Danville Super Strong, Fly Master Plus, 3/0, G52   (color to match head)
Tail:   Yellow Marabou
Body:   Pearl Sparkle Braid
Mallard flank, feather dyed wood duck yellow
Underwing:   White calf tail
Collar:   Olive-yellow deer body hair
Head:   Olive-yellow deer body hair, clipped

1)   Tie on thread at the ¾ point and wrap to the bend

2)   Tie in marabou , equal to length of shank(run butt ends up to tie in point and secure

3)   Tie in sparkle braid (also, full length, up to ¾ point)

4)   Tie in small clump of calf tail, so it extends to just past the bend

5)   Tie in mallard flank (length to tip of marabou)
(Note: the flank feather placement is very important to make the fly swim properly.     
 Make sure feather is directly on the top, use two – a right and a left if necessary)

6)   Tie in deer hair to form a collar, length 1/3 of shank (trim butts short before securing)

7)   Tie in a clump of deer hair (trim tips first) and spin

8)   Trim bottom first (flat), then sides, followed by the head    

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Bruce Derington's Version of the Zoo Cougar Streamer