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Rattle Snake Muddler Minnow
                        By: Bruce Derington
Bruce Derington's Rattlesnake Muddler Minnow
This minnow imitating streamer is one of the best ties for tempting smallmouth bass and trout.

STINGER HOOK:   Tiemco 2457  Size 10

BODY HOOK:   Tiemco 105 Size 6

THREAD:   3/0 Mono Cord

CONNECTOR:   20lb Maxima Snelled on the 2457 and lashed through the eye of
                      the 105

BODY:   1/8 diameter Brass/Nickel beads

WING:   Rabbit Zonker Strip, 3 pieces of flash

HEAD:   Deer body hair (spun)

1.   Snell the size 10, 2457, leave a tag for coming through the eye of the hook
approx. 5” long

2.   Place 5 beads (your choice of color) on the connector

3.   Clamp Tiemco 105, size 6, in vise and lash down the Maxima full length of the
hook shank and feed it through the eye of the hook and bend back and lash down and
trim off the excess mono.

4.   Tie in rabbit strip wing on the TMC 105

5.   Tie in flash

6.   Spin a muddler head with deer hair

7.   Trim down to your liking

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