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Disco Swimming Hex Nymph
A homemade fly for smallmouth bass
By: Jerry Kunnath
John Vincent with a nice smallmouth
bass caught in Northern Ontario
'Disco Swimming Hex Nymph'
A homemade fly for smallmouth bass on Lake St. Clair & other waters
Developed by: John Vincent

The ‘Disco Swimming Nymph’, was developed by John Vincent. While experimenting with variations of the
Clouser swimming nymph, John decided to lengthen that flies body and to add some more ‘moving’ filament
to the fly. The result is the ‘Disco Swimming Nymph’. This fly has proven to be a great attractor for small
mouth bass when fished nymph style on the bottom of
Lake St. Clair. A slow jigging type retrieve seems to
work best. Try tying the fly with larger and smaller hooks than the #4 that we list in the recipe, and
remember to make sure that you tie at least five copies to take to the lake with you on your next fishing trip.
Nothing is worse than to loose the only fly that you have when the fish want only that fly. Try fishing this fly
also for those giant browns and rainbows. They will love it also.

Hook –
Daiichi #1870 [swimming nymph hook] size 4
Thread – 1/0 Uni thread –neon red
Eyes – Brass Barbells [they add weight and keep the fly sitting 'right' in the water]
Tail – Grizzly marabou, natural and three strands of fluorescent orange crystal flash
Body – Variegated Chenille, ginger
Wing Case – Peacock Crystal Flash
Hackle – Tan grizzly hackle
Head – thread wrapped and covered with one coat of clear Hard Head

Fishing Tip with the 'Disco Swimming Nymph' - Whenever you are fishing a nymph, jig, or other bottom type
fly/lure and the bottom is silty or sandy where you are fishing, try 'bouncing' the fly up and down a few times
when it first hits the bottom. This will create a small cloud of disturbed silt/sand/dirt and this many times
attracts fish from quite a great distance. They seem to know that clouds of disturbed material often signal
nymphs and other grubs being freed from the mud
Brian Henderson with a smallmouth bass
Bill Walker with nice Lake St. Clair
            smallmouth bass
John Vincent's 'Disco Swimming Nymph' - great smallmouth bass fly
John Vincent with a nice smallmouth bass caught in Northern Ontario
Brian henderson with a smallmouth bass caught on Lake St. Clair
Bill Walker with a smallmouth bass caught on Lake St. Clair
These fish were caught with Lake St. Clair Fly Fishing