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Dr. Dennis Giannini, M.D. started me on the road to physical well being. When I first started seeing Dr.
Giannini my mobility was limited and I had quite a bit of neck and lower back pain. He quickly
re-evaluated my symptoms and actually found problems and conditions that my previous doctors had
missed. Seeing a doctor that specialized in sports and occupational injuries was one of the best
choices that I have ever made. Within a few short months Doctor Giannini had me well on the road to
recovery. I would recommend that anyone who is having problems that limit their participation in the
outdoor sports see Dr. Giannini or  Dr. McGee at S.P.O.R.T. Physicians, P.C.

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    S.P.O.R.T. Physicians, P.C.
Dr. Dennis Giannini, M.D.
                Dr. Matthew L. McGee, M.D.
Sport, Pain, & Occupational Rehab Treatment