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A beautiful Montana sunset - Jason Geer photo
'Montana Outdoors'
Stories from Montana shared with us
by the Geers, a family of outdoors
people living the outdoor life in one of   
    the most beautiful and truly wild         
                  areas of America
A beautiful Montana sunset, the reward for a day of    
          hard work spent in the great outdoors
A Jason Geer photo
The Geer Family of Montana

This page will be the home base for linking with
lots of outdoor info from the Geer family of
north-central Montana. Zane, Jason and Jake
Geer have agreed to share with us their outdoor
exploits in their beautiful home state of
From this page you will be able to share in their
stories of ranch life, hunting whitetail and mule
deer, elk, antelope and coyotes. Jason, who is a
sheriffs deputy in
Havre, Montana, will also take
us with him on his trap lines where he harvests
the furs of
coyotes, raccoons, and many other
varied critters. Come with us as we join the Geers
and their friends in their outdoor pursuits in the
'Big Sky State' of Montana. A true outdoor sport
Zane Geer with a nice Montana proghorn antelope
Jake Geer with a nice Montana proghorn antelope
Zane Geer with a really nice Montana pronghorn
antelope that he took in 2008
Jake Geer with another nice Montana pronghorn
antelope taken also in 2008
Dad and Jake were able to get their antelope yesterday.  We went out to Jack Hinland’s ranch.  Boy what a
cold one.  The wind was steady at 30+ with gusts into the 50’s.  Dad made a tough shot in the wind at
approx. 250-275 yards after a ½ mile stalk.  Jake made a similar shot of about 225-250 yards in the wind.  
However, he had to run his down.  The antelope were on the move and he had to run for a while to get
into position for the shot. But as you can see in the pics they both got their goats.

Jason Geer
Bear Paw Hunts - Quality Montana Outfitters
Montana is one of the places in our Country where
fur trappers can still ply their historic trade. Jason
and his friends are a few of a dying breed of
outdoor artisans who practice trapping animals
during the winter. Trapping is still the best method
of controlling varmint and nuisance animals in any
Click here to go to the Geers Trapping page
Montana beef on
the hoof - winter
Bear Paw Mountains, Havre, Montana, winter scenes
Now that's a snowbank - Montana style
Winter at Havre Montana
Ice Fishing on Fresno Reservoir
Milk River, Havre, Montana
Wildlife Near Havre, Montana
Bear Paw Mountains Winter Trail Havre Montana
Fresno Reservoir Milk River Area Havre Montana
Cotton tail rabbit at Havre Montana
Mule deer buck and doe Havre Montana
Snow Drifts near Jason's patrol vehicle Havre Montana
Now that's a snow bank Havre Montana
Winter at Havre Montana
Montana beef on the hoof in winter Havre Montana Bear Paw Mountains