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Fur Trapping
Jason Geer setting a trap on his trap-line - Jason Geer photo
A few of the coyotes trapped by Jason Ger
Jason Geer setting one of his many traps
A brace of coyotes trapped by Jason Geer
'frozen in' coyotes from Jason Geer's trapline
This coyote was caught in a trap near a stream
and then ran onto the stream, which was frozen
over. Later that day the stream poured on top of
the ice and almost submerged the coyote. It took
Jason hours to retrieve it using an ice spud and
some colorful language.
Deputy Jason Geer with some of his furs
helping to keep a healthy balance in nature between the prey,
and the preyed upon creatures, such as pheasants, grouse,
quail, and other important game animals. Their winter trap lines
are a needed tool that even helps to protect the over harvest
of songbirds and other desirable fauna by the animals that they
trap and harvest. They are a welcome addition to ''
Fur trapping is still one of the best
and most economical means
available to control the overpop-
ulation of varmint and nuisance
animals. Animals, that if left in
unchecked numbers, would
decimate populations of game and  
even domestic animals and pets.
Jason Geer and his friends are
talented practitioners of the his-
toric trade of fur trapping. Their
efforts each winter near their home
in Havre, Montana, help to keep
the raccoons, coyotes, bobcats,
fox, and other predator numbers
down to an acceptable level. Thus
Deputy Jason Geer and
some of his furs
At a fur sale in Montana
At a fur sale in Montana
Trapper Brian Stoner with a nice Montana bobcat hide
Trapper Brian Stoner with a nice Montana
bobcat hide
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snare buried in deep snow at Havre Montana
A snare buried in deep snow at Havre Montana
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