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       Stillwater Studio
Preserving Solitude In Still Images Since 1999
                                                                         A Flydogs Reccomended Friend
James Edward Emerson Lady with a really nice trout
James Lady
James Lady - Still Water Studios
James Lady combines great artistic talent with
a true love of nature to produce some of the
most beautiful images of God's green earth
that I have ever had the pleasure to view. A
visit to his website makes me feel as if I were
actually on a river with fly rod in hand, or
walking in the woods. His images are so
realistic and vivid that you would swear that
you can smell the pine and hear the buzz of
skeeters. I urge you to travel to his website
and spend some time with James Lady in our
great outdoors.  
Still Water Studio
A Jay Lady Image Titled 'Luzy's First Cast'
Jay Lady's image titled 'Ripple'
Paul Young 'Featured Artist'
James Lady has recently been chosen by the Paul
Young Chapter of Trout Unlimited as the 'Featured
for their 2008 Banquet [44th Annual April 17th,
Luzy's First Cast
A Pleasing/Natural Experience
A trip through the Stillwater Studio site
will provide you with a relaxing and
entertaining repast. Jay presents his
images/art in a pleasing, relaxing and
humble venue. Along the way you will
also be treated by his whit, and his
comfortable demeanor, as well as
being exposed to a palatable collection
of his favorite poems and writings.
 Jay Lady Image 'Intermission' and Image from Colorado
'Intermission' an Image from Colorado
        Artistic Prints, and Some Really Neat T-Shirts
At the Still Water Studio site you will see some beautiful prints that are
available for adorning your home or cabin, as well as cards and other
interesting articles that have all benefited from the artistic flair of Jay
Lady. But by going to
Red you will get to see high quality
t-shirts that Jay Lady has made available to take his beautiful images
with you through your daily travels. He has adorned some of his best
images on high quality clothing. These shirts are a really unique and
great idea.

  Jay Lady's 'Artistic Image' T - Shirts
Artistic Rendering by Jay Lady - Beautiful Skin/German Brown
Beautiful Skin German Brown
Visit Still Water Studio
So do yourselves a favor and visit Still Water Studio to experience a true 'natural' event
with the art of Jay Lady, a truly talented photographer. And when you take your trip to his
site, make sure that you have the volume turned up on your computer so you can hear the
sounds of the wild that will great you upon entry to his realm.
 Still Water Studio                             248 - 568 - 4268

  Red Bubble - T -Shirts and J. Lady Art