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Jamie's Krazy Carper
The Fly Carp Just Can't Resist
By: Jerry Kunnath
Jamie's Krazy Carper - the fly carp just can't resist
A nice 'Karper' caught carp
A nice Krazy Carper caught carp
Jamie's Krazy Carper

The Jamie’s Krazy Carper, was developed by avid carp fly fisherman Jamie Kaminski, and is quickly gaining
a reputation throughout the fly fishing world as a very productive carp fly. It is a fairly simple pattern to tie,
and can be made in many different color variations. It may not be the prettiest of flies, but neither are the
carp that love it [now that's not true--they are real beauties]. The rabbit strip tail seems to add a life like
appearance that carp can’t resist, with a soft and chewy texture that they will not let go. Fish it very slowly in
the shallows along the bottom where carp frequent. Cast it just past the 'cone area [a 45% cone starting with
the pointed end at the carp's mouth] a few feet in front of the tailing [in shallow water you will see their tails
sticking up out of the water while they turn down to feed on the bottom] carp and just drag it slowly into the
'cone'. The Crazy Karper is also great for smallmouth bass and panfish.

Last spring on a little bay in Lake St. Clair, while trying to connect with the hundreds of feeding, tailing carp
present, I couldn't keep the 18" smallmouth bass from running in and stealing my Krazy Carper. I  stopped
counting how many smallies I caught that day while trying to connect with a carp. Now I realize that isn't
really something to complain about.

Jamie’s Crazy Carper Recipe
Hook: Dai-Riki 930 8-10
Thread: 6/0
Body: olive or tan ultra chenille or dubbing
Wing: Rabbit strip with krystal flash
Eyes: Bead chain
Captain Steve Kunnath's Lake St. Clair Fly Fishing Guide Service - Give Steve a call to book a really
nice carp fishing trip on this fantastic fishery. Out of town clients welcome. Call Steve at 248-320-0688
A fantastic Lake St. Clair carp - I mean 'Michigan Golden Bonefish'
A fantastic Lake St. Clair 'Michigan Golden Bonefish'
Captain Steve Kunnath with a nice Lake St. Clair carp
Capt. Steve with a big Lake St. Clair carp