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Black Bear Cub Saved In Tree

From the May 16th, 2007 ‘Outdoor Wire’ Newsletter
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A Pennsylvania Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officer and Dushore Fire Department officials
made a dramatic rescue of a black bear cub that was stuck in a tree near LaPorte, Sullivan County. Lew
and Scott Hope, a father-son team with the Dushore Fire Department, responded to the call about a
bear cub stuck about 50-feet high in a tree in Lost Lake Acres, a developed community one-mile north
of LaPorte. The cub, weighing only about six or seven pounds, had its left front leg firmly wedged
between two large branches and could not free itself. The sow bear made several attempts to
dislodge the cub without success and lingered in the area with three other cubs while the rescue
crew set up a ladder truck to access the young cub. William M. Williams, Game Commission WCO for
Sullivan County, ascended the ladder and assessed the situation.

"I held the cub by the scruff of the neck and tried to free its leg, but it wouldn't budge," Williams said.
"Scott Hope climbed the ladder and used a pry-bar to separate the two branches while I lifted the bear
free of the branches and ended a nearly five-hour ordeal." Williams said that the cub was gently
lowered to the ground and carried to an area where the sow was waiting in a small pine tree. The
young bear hit the ground running and immediately joined the adult and it's siblings. "This bear would
never have been able to escape this predicament without human intervention," Williams said. "The
Dushore Fire Department saved the day for this bear."

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           Annual 'Au Sable River' Cleanup Day
Come join the Au Sable Angler Crew for Their Annual 'Au Sable River' Cleanup   
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                September 8th, 2007

     All participants receive a 10% gift certificate at the Au Sable Angler
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  • 4th prize: a Box of Streamers
  • 5th prize: A box of Poppers & Gurglers

                                         Sign in starts at 8 A.M.
                                        Bar-B-Q starts at noon
                                           Drawing at 2:30 pm
        All you have to do is come and help cleanup the Au Sable river
The shop starts registering folks in August. Make sure you sign up, show  
up, and clean up and to have fun and win
SWAG at the same time

September 8th, 2007

                            Au Sable Angler
                    479 S. Mt. Tom Rd. [M33]
                             Mio, Michigan
                             [989] 826-8500