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Paul Young Soft Hackle Fly
Paul Young Soft Hackle Dry Fly
Paul Young’s Soft Hackle Fly

Tom Ciemiega tied the three flies pictured with the original materials that he used to tie them forty
years ago in Paul Young’s fly shop while Tom worked for Paul when Tom was younger. Tom tied this
Paul Young version of the soft hackle or ‘spider’ fly for me just as Paul instructed him to tie them so
long ago. The amazing thing is that they have been tied with the original materials from the shop. And
my wife thinks that ‘I’ save too many things! I was originally planning to fish these flies this coming
season. However, I have changed my mind. I will mount them in a shadow box, and on my cabin wall
they will go.

Jerry Kunnath

Paul Young’s Soft Hackle Fly [spider]

Hook – 3399 Mustad #10, 12, 14 or 16
Thread – 6/0 Black Uni-Thread [originally tied with Pearsall’s Gossamer Silk]
Body – wool yarn, [green, yellow or orange]
Hackle – grey or brown partridge
Tom Ciemiega, Cane Rod artisan and fly fisher
Tom Ciemiega, pictured to the
right, worked for the famous Paul
Young when Tom was a bit
younger. He started off tying flies
for Paul at Paul's famous Detroit fly
shop on 8 Mile Road. Later, Paul
taught Tom the art of making
bamboo, or cane, fly rods. Tom is
now famous in his own right as a
true cane rod artisan. He builds,
painstakingly by hand, some of the
most beautiful and functional
bamboo rods ever built. Rread the
whole story of Tom's fly tying and
rod building history by clicking the
link below.

Tom Ciemiega, rod builder