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Royal Coachman Fly
Royal Coachman Fly Recipe

The Royal Coachman is perhaps the most popular fly in American history if not the world. The origins of
this fly date all the way back to 1878 in New England where it was used to catch native brook trout. Since
then it has drawn the attention of many an artist and is regularly seen in a good number of fly fishing art
pieces from past to present, as well as many logos of fly fishing organizations. The Royal Coachman can
be found  in the case of every fly shop in North America that has trout flies. And its popularity has even
helped create many variants such as the
Royal Wulff, Royal Trude, and Royal Humpy.
It is an excellent general purpose dry fly that is productive for all species of trout, however it has gained
most of its fame from being one of the best
brook trout flies ever. Unlike most dry flies, the Royal
Coachman dose not imitate any actual live species of insect. It is best fished when trout are not feeding
selectively on a specific species during a hatch. Sometimes flies like this are called 'attractor' flies.
This is one of the first dry flies I remember using , and I always have a couple of  these in my fly box when
ever I am on the stream. They are easy to fish and very easy to tie. Whether you are a novice or a veteran
fly fisher, the
Royal Coachman is a fly that should be a part of your fly fishing arsenal.

Hook: TMC 100 sizes 10-18
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Golden Pheasant tips
Wing: White duck quill
Body: Peacock, red floss, Peacock
Hackle: Coachman brown

Jerry Kunnath                    
Royal Coachman - Great Brook Trout Fly
Royal Coachman Parachute Version
Au Sable 'Trophy Waters' Brook Trout
Royal Coachman tied in the 'Parachute'
Version of the fly - where a deer hair
'wing' is tied above the body instead of
a 'hackle' collar to provide flotation to
the fly
Nice Brook Trout caught by Steve
Kunnath on the 'Trophy Waters' of the
Au Sable River in Michigan