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Flies, Streamers & Nymphs by Todd

Todd Schotts, a member of the Michigan Fly Fishing
Club, and a well known fly tyer in his own right, offers
both warm-water flies and streamers and also trout
and steelhead patterns at his website. Todd has
generously agreed to share some of his best patterns
with us here at Flydogs. Enjoy these great patterns
and good luck with catching some trophy fish with
Todd's patterns. Also, please go to Todd's website
Grizzly Flies by Schottsie to view the rest of his
patterns and to see some pictures of some of Todd's
trophy fish.

The Flydogs,
Otis, Holly & Sam
Flies, Streamers & Nymphs
         Tied by : Todd Schotts
Todd Schotts at the tying bench
   Todd Schotts at the tying bench
Schottsie’s Cone-Head Muddler Streamer

Hook:  TMC 200R, Size 6 & 8
Thread: Tan 140 Denier
Ribbing: Fine Red wire
Tail: Natural Rabbit Zonker
Body:  Gudebrod Pearl Metallic Braid
Collar: Pheasant Soft Hackle
Head:  Rust Ram’s Wool
Nose: Cone
Optional: Flash in tail

Tying Instructions
This is a modified Muddler that I tie. Like this one and all my Muddler’s I use Ram’s wool for the head. I
also changed up the collar, instead of Deer Hair; I have switched to Soft Hackle Feather from a
Pheasant. I
tried this pattern out last year below
Mio and let me tell you, I was having a field day catching and
unfortunately missing fish. I fish this one also the same for streamers, strip, twitch, and pause, then repeat.
Step 1:   Before I get the threaded started, I put the cone on. Then I tie in the thread.
Step 2: Tie in tail material (rabbit zonker) at the bend of the hook. I usually like the length roughly about
the size of the hook shank.
Step 3: Tie in the Wire, and then the Pearl Tinsel
Step 4: Wrap the tinsel forward up about 2/3 of the hook shank. Then wrap the wire forward and tie off at
2/3” of the hook.
Step 5:  Tie in a soft hackle feather and make about 1 ½ to 2 wraps around by the 2/3 mark.
Step 6:  Start tieing in the Ram’s wool. Make sure you get as close to the cone as possible. Remember the
more you tie in, the more dense it will be. Now as you have it packed and tied in, start trimming the head
up to look like a muddler head.
Step 7: To make sure the cone is tight on the wool, push the cone back and do a couple of ½ hitches in
Schotties Cone Head Muddler
Schottsies CT Minnow Streamer

Hook: Streamer 4x long.
Thread: Black 140 Denier or 6/0
Marabou blood quills (olive, black, or yellow)
Ribbing: Red wire (optional)
Body: Gudebrod Metallic Braid (HT Braid Pearl)
Throat: Red Floss, Yarn, or Tinsel
Eyes: Lead Eyes (Medium)
Underwing (top of hook shank):
White Deer Tail
Wing: Flashabou, start with lighter color and end with
Black Pearl as the last color

Tying Instructions

This fly is a spin off of the famed Clouser Minnow and Jerry Darkes’s EZ Minnow. I went a tad further and added some extra
features. I have had excellent luck with this fly for Warm water species to Coldwater Species. I like to fish this fly around
debris in the river as in stumps, and rocks. In the early spring, I tie this on a size 12 streamer hook 4x long to look like a Fry
Pattern. I do a streamer strip, twitch, pause, and then repeat again. When I fish these streamers I catch fish.  

Step 1:  You want to tie the eyes in about an eye and ½ back from eye of hook. Once you tie it in, put a dab of Permanent Glue
on the eyes to help hold them.
Step 2: On this step you want to tie in the marabou. But note though, once you measure the marabou (about hook shank
length) trim off the excess before tie in at the bend. What this does is help eliminate the excess build up of material.
Step 3: Okay, tie in the rib material and then the body material.
Step 4: Wrap the body material forward, trying to keep the body smooth. Wrap up to the eyes.
Step 5: Wrap the ribbing forward up to the eyes.
Step 6: Now tie in the red throat material behind the eyes. Wrap back about 1/6 of the hook and back up to the eyes. Tie off.
What this is going to represent is a bloody gill.
Step 7:  Now take some White Deer Tail Hair and tie in on top of the hook shank and tie in, in front of the eyes.
Step 8: Now rotate the hook so the point is up. This is where you tie in some light colored Flashabou, and layer up to Black
Pearl Flashabou. You want the Flashabou to be same length to the Marabou Tail. Once tied off, I use Sally Hanson’s Hard as
Nails, Diamond Strength to finish the head off.
Schotties CT Minnow Streamer
Schottsies Darth Vader Cricket Terrestrial Fly
Hook: Dai Riki 280 (Sizes 12, 10, and 8)
Thread: Black 140 – 6/0
Under body:  Bloody
Leech Dubbing
Over Body: 2mm Close Cell Craft Foam
Eyes: Medium Olive Mono Eyes
Legs: Black Rubber Legs
Wing:  Dark Blue - Gift Package Ribbon, cut with a
Hopper Wing Cutter
Dry Fly Hackle

Tying Instructions
I wanted to come up with a Hopper Pattern for a Cricket, but I want to have something that is easier to tie than most recipes
and works awesome. Well, this is the pattern I came up with.
Besides the Cricket I have also came up with a
Grass Hopper the same way; called Schottsies Hopper. I usually like to cast up
by the banks, or structure then strip back slowly. The only thing, I really haven’t had to strip this back hardly at all, due to I’m
usually hooking and landing fish.

Step 1: What I do is put a coat of Permanent Glue on top of my thread wraps. Then I lay the foam down, coming back from the
eye. I then take my thread and wrap back from the eye of the hook to the bend, to secure the foam down.
Step 2:  Now put you dubbing on the thread and wrap it forward about 2/3 of the hook shank.
Step 3:  Leave your thread there and pull the foam over the dubbing and secure down right in front of the dubbing.
Step 4: Now take your eyes and secure in, right in front of where you secured the foam down at.
Step 5: Now take the foam and roll it back over the eyes and tie it in the same spot where you tied in the foam earlier.
Step 6:  Take the foam and pull it toward the bend of the hook. Take your thread and make ribs going back to the bend and
bring the thread back up the same wraps to behind the head. Trim off the excess foam at the bend of the hook. Trick is pulling
the foam as you get ready to cut it.
Step 7:  Take the precut wing and tie it in behind he head. Make sure the wing extends to the bend of the hook or a tad longer.
Step 8:  Now take a strip of 3 rubber legs still attached together. Tie in a half hitch to start forming a let. Take the leg you tied,
tie it in at head and do the same thing on the other side. Now cut the back part of the legs, so it is about a hook gap and give
the legs a tug. They will pop apart, for 3 pieces of leg at the back on each side.
Step 9:  Tie in the hackle behind the head. Only do about 1 ½ or 2 wraps only. Tie off and you’re done.
Schottsies Darth Vader Cricket Terrestrial Fly
Schottsies JS Bulldog Conehead Streamer

Hook:  8, 6, or 4 – 4x long streamer
Thread: Black 140 Denier
Tail:  Gray Squirrel
Ribbing: Red Wire, Med.
Hackle: Ginger Dry Fly (about 4 sizes smaller than hook size)
Eyes:  Lead Eyes Med. Or Bead Chain Eyes
Head: Cone, (optional)
Flash: (optional)

Tying Instructions
For anyone that is a Steelhead or Brown Trout Fisher, this is a very deadly fly that I created about 5 years ago for fishing those
fish. How I came up with this fly, we were fishing on the
Pere Marquette River and it was in late fall. I was using the old reliable
Woolly Bugger, but with little luck, so as I modified the fly on the river I started to catch fish. That night I went back and tied
what you see in the picture. The next day, we slammed the Browns and also landed a couple of Steelhead all in 4 hours. I have
also used this fly on a float from
Mio to Commins Flats on the Au Sable River, and landed Brown Trout and a few Rainbow Trout.
From then on this fly has been, one of my go to flies for Browns and Steelhead. The way I fish these, I hit the deep pools and
strip like you would a streamer, pause, twitch the fly, then strip again.

Step 1:  Put on the Cone before you start your thread. Then tie on the eyes about hook gape back from the eye of the hook.
Remember with the Eyes; put a dash of permanent glue on them after you have them tied in.
Step 2:  Tie in the tail material (#2 pencil in thickness, length – hook shank).
Step 3:  Tie in the wire, run the wire from the eyes back to the bend.
Step 4: Tie in the Hackle (I use hackle 4 sizes smaller than the hook size I’m using)
Step 5:   Tie in the body material.
Step 6: Wrap the body material up to and around the eyes and fill in between the eyes and the cone.
Step 7: Wrap the hackle forward to the eyes.
Step 8:  Wrap the wire forward, but wrap opposite of how you wrapped the hackle and body material. This lets the wire stand
out on the body and also reinforces the flies body.
Todd Schott's Logo
JS Bulldog Conehead Streamer for Trout & Steelhead
Schottsies PM Caddis Nymph (Green Rockworm)

Hook:  Scud Hook 2x Strong
Thread: Black 140 Denier - 6/0
Under body: Green Antron
Overbody: Green D Rib
Head: Peacock Herl, dyed red

Tying Instructions
I do a lot of Steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River and I wanted something that really showed some color in the water
and worked well. I came up with this PM Caddis. The colors in the body show up really well, even in the water. I have landed
some of Pere Marquette Steel with this fly. The way I fish this caddis, is by casting up stream in front of a deep hole or on the
reds. Once it has gone thru the area, I strip  the fly very slow.

Step 1:  Tie in the material, and then the
Step 2: Wrap the Antron forward but only go about 2/3 of the hook shank.
Step 3: Now wrap the rib forward, but slightly overlap. Wrap up to the Antron and tie off.
Step 4: Now take your dyed
Peacock Herl and tie it in. But twist the herl around the thread, and then wrap to form a head on the
Schotties PM Caddis Nymph
Schottsies Red Headed Prince Fly

Hook:  TMC 200R, Sizes 14 & 12
Thread:  Black 140 Denier or 6/0
Tail:  Black
Goose Biots
Ribbing:  Medium Red Wire
Body:  Hares Line Triboal
Dubbing, Bloody Leech
Wings: White Goose Biots
Collar: Dry Fly Hackle
Head:  Red Glass Bead

Tying Instructions

I created this unique fly about 5 years ago, for fishing on the Huron River. Besides on the Huron, I have also had really great
luck on the
Little River System in Tennessee, Upper Manistee, Au Sable (main), White River, and Pere Marquette River.  I have
also found out, if you want this fly to get down to the bottom, you can either use heavy red wire, or what I also use is lead tape.
The technique I use to fish this pattern is I will cast up stream let it drift down, once it gets into the current and is done drifting. I
strip the fly really slow back up to myself. I would have to say, about 90% of the fish I catch on this fly, is on the retrieve. The
other 10% would be as the fly is drifting.  This is one of my most reliable flies, so on a slow day, I will always fall back to it.

Step 1:  Now before you start your thread, slide the glass bead on and up to the front. The only thing with glass beads, both
sides of the hole diameter, is the same. So what I will do is tie my thread in front of the bead and make a base for the bead to sit
on. Tie off your thread, and tie on behind the bead. Before you push the bead on top of your base of thread, put some
permanent glue on the base, then slide the bead up on top. Now take your thread and wrap behind the bead.
Step 2:  Before I tie the tail in, I either make a ball of thread at the bend or use dubbing. Then as I tie the Biots in, make sure the
curve goes outward. The ball I tied on the hook, helps the Biots also to do this. I tie only 1 biot in at a time
Step 3:  Now tie in your wire, but start the wire up behind the bead and run it to the back.
At this time if you want to, you can add weight.
Step 4:  Tie in body material and wrap forward up to the bead
Step 5:  Wrap the wire forward, but wrap opposite direction of the way you wrapped the dubbing
Step 6: Tie in the wings, make it like a “V” with the closed part at the head. You can either tie the Biots with curve down or curve
up. I usually tie 1 biot in at a time.
Step 7: Tie in the hackle, behind the bead, and make 1 ½ or 2 wraps.
Schottsies Red Headed Prince Fly

Hook: 8, 6, or 4  - 4x long streamer hook
Thread:  White 140 denier
Tail:  White Marabou (blood quills)
Ribbing: Medium red wire
Body: White rabbit fur dubbing, trimmed from
rabbit pelt
Eyes: Small or Medium Red Lead Eyes
Optional: Flash with the tail or through the body

Tying Instructions
I created (2005) the Schottsies White Thumper Minnow Streamer especially for  fly fishing on the Huron River for Smallmouth
Bass. However, I discovered that it worked great also on the Muskegon and White Rivers, and also on the flats of Eagle Point in
Lake Huron. The way that I fish this original creation is like any normal streamer, by stripping it with an additional pull on the line
after each strip.


Step 1:   Once you have your thread started; tie in the tail material at the bend of the hook (length of hook shank).
Step 2:  Tie in your wire, run the wire from the eye back to the bend.
Step 3:   Take a set of the Lead Eyes and tie in right behind the eye. After tying in, run your thread back to the bend and I take
Fish Glue and put a dab on top and bottom to help secure the eyes in.
Step 4:   Make a dubbing loop, and put your rabbit fur dubbing in the loop, and bring forward over the and around the eyes.
Step 5:   Bring the red wire forward, but wrap opposite direction of the way you wrapped the rabbit dubbing. Wrap up to the eyes.
Schottsies White Thumper Minnow Streamer
Todd Schotts Tying Flies at Cabellas
Todd Schotts with Pere Marquette River Salmon
Todd Schotts with a nice Pere
Marquette River
Todd Schotts tying flies at Cabellas
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Michigan's White
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