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Tube Steak
The Tube Steak Recipe

Hook: 3XL streamer hook 2/0
Tail: Grizzly legs or Silly legs
Body: Electric Sashimi or Lite-Brite
Eyes: Spirit River I-Balz

Smallmouth fisherman throughout the Mid-West have been having great success using plastic tube
jigs. They are working so well that tube jigs sometimes make up 90% of a smallmouth fisherman’s
tackle box. This last spring I wanted to make something that resembled a tube jig and that could be
fished with a fly rod. I came up with the
Tube Steak and it is now my #1 smallmouth fly! This pattern is
very easy to tie and it is also extrememly durable. I usually have the total length from 4”-5” with the I-
Balz tied on top so that the hook rides up like a
clouser minnow. It is best to tie this streamer in many
different color patterns, as the fish sometimes prefer one color over another on different days. I take
about 6 colors with me and it seems like some days one color works ten times better than the rest. I  
switch through color patterns until I start hooking fish. Some  colors that work good for me resemble
the local baitfish or crayfish, including tans,olives, red/whites, and flies with a little purple added.
With the extreme reflective quality of the electric sashimi and the lite brite the tube steak can be
seen almost as if it was glowing in brilliant colors, even on the darkest days when its in the water.
The best way to fish this fly/streamer is to let it sink to the bottom then strip it in slowly while lifting
the rod tip a bit every few feet. With the weighted I-Balz and quality sinking lines, I have efficiently
used the Tube Steak to depths of twenty feet. It is hard to detect a strike when its striped slowly, so
keep those hooks SHARP to increase your hook ups.

Captain Steve Kunnath

Captain Steve's Lake St. Clair Fly Fishing Charters
Tube Steak Streamer by Captain Steve Kunnath
A Fat Lake St. Clair smallmouth bass - Capt. Steve's boat
A Fat 'Lake St. Clair' smallmouth bass caught on Capt.
Steve Kunnath's boat
Mark Gillihan with a Lake St. Clair smallmouth bass
Capt. Steve's client, Mark Gillihan, with a nice
Lake St. Clair smallmouth bass caught on a 'Tube
Steak' streamer