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White Epheron or White Fly
White Fly Recipe

Hook: TMC 5212, 12-16
Tail: White hackle fibers
Body: White dubbing
Wing: White calf tail
Hackle: White

White Fly, also known by it’s genus name of Ephoron is a very popular mayfly in Michigan
streams. Its hatch dates are from mid August until late September, and I usually  fish this hatch during
late August. The White Fly normally emerges one hour before dark and the spinner fall can extend
until well after that.  This is one of the more popular hatches for this time of year and it can be very
rewarding.  While floating the Au Sable River 'Trophy Waters' one September day with Eli Barlia we
witnessed a white fly hatch that was so thick that it looked as though we were caught in a snowstorm.
A few minutes later Eli cast a white fly to a line of feeding trout and connected with a 24 inch beauty
of a rainbow trout. Since it took a bit longer to boat the fish than we would have liked we didn't take
the time to photograph the fish, but got her back to her watery home and revival as quickly as

Jerry Kunnath                    
White Epheron or White Fly
Watch for 'soon to be added' video
clips of Captain Steve Kunnath
catching an 18 inch brown trout on
a white fly on the Au Sable.