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This company has gone to the dogs.....the Flydogs
Sam - Flydogs Flyworks Technical Advisor
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All of us here at Flydogs Flyworks LLC, the dogs as well as our human members of the team, want to get to
know all of you and to make you feel welcome when you track your paws into our 'home' here. So we will start
off this page with some proper introductions so that you may get to know a bit about us. Right under each of
our canine members bio's we will include a bit of information about that dogs human team member. Even
'this company has gone to the dogs', we do want to share the spotlight with those people who run the
video cams, edit the DVD'S and, of course, feed us. So please take a few minutes to read all about us.
Thank you,
The Flydogs
Otis  -  Holly  & Sam
Otis - Flydogs Flyworks CEO
Steve Kunnath - Flydogs Flyworks LLC
Holly - Flydogs Flyworks CFO
Jerry Kunnath - Flydogs Flyworks LLC
Otis, the CEO of Flydogs Flyworks LLC was born in Otisville [ we kid you
not ] Michigan. He's about seven years old and loves nothing more than
to follow his human Steve around on the rivers, lakes and streams of
Michigan in pursuit of trophy fish. One of his favorite pass times is
jumping into pools in the river off of overhanging banks while Steve
waits patiently for the hole to quiet once more. His other passions are
chasing tennis balls for hours on end and occasionally being able to lick
fish on the nose, like some famous fishing show hosts that we all know,
when Steve lands them . Otis hopes that his association with
Flydogs will
help him to meet even more great friends in the great outdoors.
Steve Kunnath, age 37, grew up with a fishing rod in one hand and a
shotgun in the other in his native Michigan woods. Steve brings a
wealth of experience to the
Flydogs Flyworks LLC team from his tour of
duty in the United States Marine Corp and his education at Lake
Superior State and Montana State Universities. Steve has had formal
video production training at CMN in Troy, Michigan and as an associate
producer of Oakland Outdoors Video Magazine and Fly Rod & Gun
Outdoors. Steve is a member of the prestigious Michigan Outdoor
Writers Association, a professional outdoor writers group. Steve also
spent five years as an employee of  John Vincent’s Flymart Flyshop.
Steve instructs fly casting and fly fishing classes as well as running his
guide service. Captain Steve, licensed by the United States Coast
Guard, hosts
Florida Flat’s Style fly fishing charters on southeast
Michigan’s world famous Lake St. Clair, very possibly the best
smallmouth bass waters in the world. His talents, both on a flyrod and in
front of and behind the camera, add immensely to the quality of
productions and services.
Holly, the CFO of Flydogs Flyworks LLC, is about five years young, although like any young
lady she is reluctant to admit to a specific number. Her main talent is an inane ability to find
even the best hidden bones and tennis balls, which is why she is the CFO of the company.
She will be able to sniff her way through even the most complicated accounting messes.
[ we dearly hope and pray, that is ] One of her favorite pass times is running through the
sprinkler in the summer and playing with John's four sons. That's probably what helps her
to keep her attractive canine figure. Jerry can also attest to her voracious appetite for
German bundt cakes that are cooling on the counter. Can't say we can blame her though,
they are pretty good.
John Vincent, age 48, brings his many years of business management
expertise to the
Flydogs team. John is a life long fly fisherman and
belongs to the Federation of Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited. Also, with
the experience garnered as an associate producer of Oakland Outdoors
and Fly Rod & Gun Outdoors, both shows award winning local outdoor
television series, John’s video production and business management
skills are welcomed on the
Flydogs Flyworks production team. His years
of outdoor and fly fishing experience will greatly enhance the production
quality of
Flydogs Flyworks creations. John's association with Holly has
also helped his business skills, although he hasn't yet quite mastered the
art of 'running through the sprinkler' and his bone finding skills are still a
bit rusty. Just the same, his camera skills and his eye for detail will help
the teams productions greatly.
Sam, 12 years old, is the Technical Director of the Flydogs Flyworks
production group. Sam, born in Linden, Michigan, is one of eight children
in his proud parents third litter. He is a graduate of the "Bunny College"
of Linden, having spent eight weeks there training to hunt 'wabbits' like
Elmer Fudd, only to find later that he was deathly afraid of loud noises.
Hence, he is great at runnin' wabbits, as long as Jerry doesn't get any
guns out. Just the same, Sam's uncontrollable urge to try to 'run the show'
makes his presence on the set as Technical Director a definite 'plus' for
Flydogs Flyworks team. Just as long as none of us let's him see a rifle,
a pistol or shotgun. Sam will probably only work on the fishing segments.
Jerry Kunnath, age 58, executive producer and video editor for Vermilion
Productions, Inc. and Fly Rod & Gun Outdoors, has been named by the
Detroit Free Press as one of the premier video producers in Oakland
County. Jerry, an active member of the Michigan Outdoor Writers
Association, also spent five years, from 1996 till 2001, as the President
and CEO of Community Media Network of Troy, Michigan, a community
television management company. Community Media Network is proud to
be a production partner with Oakland University, an affiliation that Jerry
was instrumental in forming. Jerry has a lifetime of fishing, hunting,
outdoor writing and photographic/video experience. In 2001, Jerry, along
with his wife Cecilia and his son Steven, was named by the Oscoda
County Conservation District as the Conservationist of the Year. An
honor, of which he is very proud. Jerry's video editing and DVD
production skills will help to produce quality programs for
. As his association with Sam has helped to hone his tolerance
and threshold of patience. Well, at least we can hope it has helped him.
John Vincent with a nice southeast Michigan carp
Nothing grows faster than a fish
from the time he bites till the time he
gets away.
Lord, suffer me to catch a fish     
so large that even I in talking of  
it afterward shall have no need  
to lie.