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This company has gone to the dogs.....the Flydogs
                     Flydogs Flyworks LLC
                        413 N. Vermont Ave.
                        Royal Oak, Mi. 48067
810 - 241 - 2852

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The Flydogs, Otis, Holly & Sam, will be more than happy to hear from all of our
outdoor sporting buddies. Just write, call or email us at the addresses supplied
below and we will get back with ya as soon as possible. Send in your pics [as
jpeg files please] and stories or questions and we will post all that we can on the
website. It will be 'dog gone' good fun, we figure.  
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We welcome all opportunities to exchange 'links' with other sites. If
you  are so inclined just drop Jerry an email at his address above and  
   tell him that you want to trade links and he will supply you with the    
     pertinent info and get your info so that we can put a link to your site
on our 'favorite links' page - we love to trade - especially when there
are dog bones or treats involved - but, if you send any treats for us
Flydogs please make sure that the humans know that those treats are
for us dogs - cuz we don't share with them   GRRRRRRRRR!!!
It is not the fish we catch that counts, for they can be had for mere
silver. It is the break of the waves, the joyous rush of the brook,
and the contemplation of the eternal rush of the stream.
  President Herbert Hoover