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This is one of the Flydogs' favorite pages on the whole site, where we can put up the pics of our canine
friends. If you want to have your picture and a short bio listed on this page please ask your human to send
a pic of you as a jpeg file with a short biography to and we will see that Jerry puts it up
on the site as soon as he can...or we just might 'ventilate' his pants leg. So enjoy.

The Flydogs      Otis - Holly  & Sam
Nicholai on the river
Here's an image of Nicholai. His human is Jay Lady of Stillwater Studios. When Jay
took this picture of Nicholai in December he was a young 13 years 5 months. This pic
was taken along the banks of the Rapid River and as you can see, Nicholai was very
happy and smiling to be in his element once again.  He's been Jays' Fishing
Companion and Mental Stability Consultant since the Lady's brought him into the
family as a pup.  Jay think's that Nicholai will be up to hiking and fishing well past his
coming 14th birthday - just five months from now [2/09/07].  Jay says, "I'm keeping my
fingers crossed and his weight down". It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to do that
with our humans either.
Otis as a puppy
Otis, our CEO, when he was but a
little shaver - about three months
Although you can't say that Otis
was ever really 'little'
Sam meditating in a northern field
Sam, our Technical Advisor, out in
the field doing some Research &
Holly resting for a bit
Holly, our CFO, reacting to the last
quarters financial reports
Louie - a great little dog
Louie & Kiki [the cat] Derington
Louie, evidently relaxed, with his    
            friend Kiki the cat
Hi, I'm Louie. I'm almost two years old. I'm a brand new addition to the Derington family. This last fall I kind
of started waltzing into fish camp and begin' scraps. [one of my favorite pass-times] My owner told the
Deringtons that she actually was looking for a good home for me. The problem was that the Deringtons
already had six cats living with them. But as you can see in the picture above [above right], that was no
problem for me. I fit in just fine. The Deringtons say that I'm really a great dog, I'm well behaved, and hey,
now I'm a big part of my new family. Guess I knew what I was doing going into that camp. You could smell
the salmon all the way out to the road. My kind of place. Oh, my humans names are Bruce & Jan.
Otis after a friend's bachelor party
Otis after a friend's bachelor party
Louis Wieske - another flydogs friend
Here is yet another 'Louis' - this time Louis Wieske of Detroit----actually a 'cousin' of sorts to both Sam and
Otis - he is the owner of the Jeff Wieske family. Jeff and Kathy and their four children, Elizabeth, Amanda,
Bryan and John share their space with Louis and his feline friend Loki at their home in Detroit, Michigan.
This pic of Louis was taken at Jerry & Cecilia's [or should we say Sam and Otis'] house in Royal Oak during
Amanda's birthday party in 2007. As you can see, Louis is actually guarding Kathy's Pepsi for her so that
Otis and Sam can't drink her stash. Good man Louis.
George the beagle
George and John Vincent
The 'George' Fly
George the beagle, Mike Jarvis's friend,
 both loyal Flydogs buddies
George sitting with John Vincent the
day the 'George Fly' was tied from his fur

The 'George Fly'
George the beagle lives with his humans, the Mike Jarvis family, and a few other canine friends. Back when
John Vincents 'Flymart Flyshop' was opened, George and his buddy Mike Jarvis would visit often to tell fishin'
lies and to sometimes tie flies. On the day these pics were taken John and Mike were a bit stumped on just what
kind of fly that they should tie for an upcoming B.C. fishing trip. George suggested that they cut off some of his
fur and tie a fly out of that material. That fly turned out to be the one that saved the day on that particular trip.
Now George is demanding that the next time they use his fur to tie the 'winning' fly, that they take him with them
on the trip. Sounds like a plan to me.

ps---go to the Flydogs
'Trophy pic page' to see some of Mikes fish pics.

Our canine friend George, pictured above in the pics, passed away peacefully in September of 2010. George
gave eleven years of loyal companionship to the Jarvis family. MIke and his wife will dearly miss George and his
easy going beagle demeanor. All of us will remember George as one of our fly fishing buddies, and we will also
miss his presence amongst us. The next time the whole gang gets together for one of our regular dinner
meetings we will all toast George and his memory.  
From Jessie N Pat Dulin - - - His name is Sam.[ pic to the
He is a Louisiana Catahola Leopard Dog, male, and
very friendly.
During the work weeks he lives with Zane
and Jake Geer where they work,
about 20 miles North of
Williston, ND.
the rest of the time he eats, sleeps and
plays with Dixie, Zane and Jake in Havre, Montana.  

Jesse and her husband Pat live near Big Timber
Montana with their daughter Amanda. Jesse is the
daughter of Zane and Dixie Geer.