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The humans that we own, Steve Kunnath, Jerry Kunnath and John Vincent, have, of course with our help, put
together a set of instructional and entertaining DVD video programs for your enjoyment. We think that they
have done a pretty dog-gone good job and that these programs are well worth your time, money and effort.
They have promised us that they will continue to produce more programs over time, so please check back
here with us every once and awhile to see what is new. We would appreciate it if you would consider buying
their programs seeing how they do buy our food and we all know how much we
Flydogs like to eat. Besides,
when our humans don't sell videos they pretty much keep us up all night with their constant whinning.
Thank you, the Flydogs
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Basics of Fly Tying DVD
The Basics of Fly Tying - What You Need To Know To Start Tying Flies
In this DVD program, instructor Bruce Derington will teach you, in easy to
understand steps, all that you will need to know to tie the three basic types
of flies - A dry fly, a streamer, and a nymph. In this program, which has a run
time of 1 hr. 53 minutes, Bruce will cover what materials, tools, methods,
and styles that you will need to know to tie flies. How to 'palmer hackle, tie
wing cases, create wings, wrap materials, choose materials and hooks,
various vices, measure hackle, use the 'pinch' technique, and many other
'secrets' of tying flies. You will also see two great fly fishing action

Only $29.95 + $3.00 s&h
Wooley Bugger Streamer
Hendrickson's Dry Fly
Gold Ribbed hairs Ear Nymph
Pike, Lake Trout & Grayling, On A Fly DVD
CMN Video       
Award Winner
"Best Sporting   
           Pike - Lake Trout & Grayling.....on a fly
Join the Fly Rod & Gun Team at Waterbury Lake Lodge in the far northern
wilds of Saskatchewan Canada where they fly fish for Trophy Pike, Lake
Trout & the beautiful and acrobatic Grayling on a fly rod. Join Steve, Jamie
and Chris as they show you how to rig for, cast to and fight these
magnificent aquatic denizens of the far north. This is some great fly fishing
action. These are the kinds of trophies that most fishers only dream about.
Watch and learn from our pro's as their flies and streamers fool the 'biguns'
into savage bites and arm tiring fights. Sit back and enjoy the beauty of this
far north Canadian wilderness adventure.

Only $19.95 + $3.00 s&h      
Steve Kunnath with Lake Trout
Jamie Kaminski with Pike
Steve Kunnath with Grayling
Salmon on a Spey DVD
                         "Salmon on a 'Spey'
They cruise the depths of the big lake most of their lives, then they return
to their natal waters, in answer to a silent call to spawn, and then die. So is
the life of the salmon.
Fishing for late summer salmon on the famous 'Pere Marquette River' with
guide John Kluesing, of Northern Lights Guide Service. Join
team member John Vincent and the Flyrod & Gun gang as they
fish for and land the mighty king salmon on one of the most famous fly
fishing rivers in the nation, the Pere Marquette. Learn from John Kluesing
how to rig for, find, and cast spey rods to the mighty king salmon. He will
show you what it takes to catch these salmonid trophies. John will also
show you how to do a single and a double 'Spey' cast.

Only  $19.95 + $3.00 s&h       
John Vincent fighting salmon - spey rod
Guide John Kluesing & John Vincent with king salmon
Turks tarantula fly
Century of Fly Fishing History DVD
              "A Century of Fly Fishing History"
   The North Branch of the Au Sable River
                A Historical Documentary
The story of fly fishing on this fine river is entwined in the lives of the
people that lived and breathed along it's banks. Join us for the first video
history of fly fishing on the North Branch of the Au Sable. This is a great
piece of Michigan's fly fishing history as it is also the story of how the
lumbering boom of the late 19th century and the introduction of trout to
replace the extinct grayling, changed the structure of this river system
forever. Listen to on camera interviews as people who lived this story
relate their observations and experiences. Watch a re-enactment of a day
of going to the river in 1930. The late, great Bob Smock Sn, one of
Michigan's best loved fly tyers, tells stories of the old days with Fred Bear
and other icons as he ties some of his most famous patterns for you. This
history also covers the story and the impact of some of the great old
lodges of the Au Sable, told by the people who lived the story.

Only $24.95 + $3.00 s&h   
Michigan lumber crew
Rube Babbit with trout
Fishing the North Branch of Au Sable
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