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Otis   -   Holly  &   Sam
Bass Bugs & Other Critters
Smallmouth Bass Beware
by: Jerry Kunnath  
Clay with a nice smallmouth bass
Baghdad Fly - Fishing
A Soldiers' Story
By: Jerry Kunnath      Previously Published in the
Michigan Streamside Journal
Service People Learning to Fly Fish While on Duty in Baghdad
SSG Kelly Gillespie with a nice Baghdad Carp
Author with a fly rod caught smallmouth bass from Lake St. Clair
Smallmouth Bass On A Fly
A Michigan Lake & Stream Fly Fishing Smallmouth Bonanza
By: Jerry Kunnath
Previously Published in Michigan Trout
Bill Haarz with a fly rod caught Lake St. Clair Musky
Musky Fishing on Lake St. Clair
Casting to the "Water Wolves"
Both Fly Fishing & Spin fishing
By: Jerry Kunnath
Au Sable Brown Trout Painting by Jerry Kunnath
Au Sable River Mainstream
Fly Fishing Nirvana
By: Jerry Kunnath     
Dave Rapier with a nice Au Sable River Brown Trout
Fishing the Au Sable 'Trophy Waters' for Giant Brown Trout  -  Fly Fishing for Giant Browns
Previously published in the Michigan Streamside Journal
By : Jerry Kunnath
Click Here for  the outdoor
A smart wife has
the pork chops
ready when her   
husband returns  
 from a fishing     
Lake St. Clair Naturally Spawned 'Tiger Musky'
Fly Fishing for Musky on Lake St. Clair - giant trophy fish
caught on a fly - by: Captain Steve Kunnath