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Fish Recipes
You've spent the day on your favorite stream or lake, or maybe the coastal waters off of Georgia or Texas.
It's been a great day fishing. You and your friends have caught and released many trophies and the
stories of those catches will be told over and over in front of the campfire this coming hunting season.
But, even though you released most of the fish, you have kept a few of the smaller non-spawner 'eaters'
for a nice meal when you return home in the evening. With much anticipation you and your friends make
the short drive back to your home and soon you are grilling the days catch while a few beers are quaffed
over the bar-b-que. It pretty much doesn't get any better than this. Below you'll find a few recipes to use to
make good use of those 'oh so tasty' morsels from the sea, lake, or river. Enjoy!

The Flydogs, Otis, Holly & Sam    ps...remember, dogs like fish also...please
Fish Recipes
Fish/Veggie Boil
One of the tastier dishes that my fishing and hunting friends and I enjoy after a great day of outdoor
activity at my northern Michigan retreat is my fish/veggie boil. It is simple to make and prepare, tastes
delicious, is very low fat and healthy, and satisfies even the most voracious, fresh air created, appetites.

Fish/Veggie Boil Ingredients

[1] One bag of 'Old Bay' brand shrimp or crab boil [it comes in a submersible bag]
One ear of cob corn for each person
[1] pound/bag of small, sweet, pealed carrots
5 lbs. of small/new yukon gold potatoes [whole]
[1] bag of celery hearts
[2] large, red onions [if Vadalias are in season by all means use them]
about [5] peppers [red, yellow, green, orange] seeded and cut up]
Butter [melted] for dipping the goodies and for speading on the home baked bread you have with the
[1] pound of shrimp [large] for each person eating. You may also use cod, walleye, salmon...any water
creature that you love to eat--or mix and match to your liking

Fish/Veggie Boil Instructions

Bring a large stock pot [I use my turkey boiler on its propane burner with the fish basket] of water to a
rolling boil. Drop in the bag of 'Bay' seasoning. Drop in [careful not to splash the hot water on you or your
friends] the potatoes. Wait five minutes while you keep the boil going. Then drop in the carrots. Wait
about three more minutes. Then drop in the onions and the celery and the peppers. Wait about five more
minutes and then drop in the seafood. Boil the whole mess about five more minutes and then carefully
strain off the water [this is where that fish basket really pays for itself] and sit down to enjoy one of lifes
true pleasures. A good loaf of bread and some nice wine and beer can make this meal a true treat to the
taste glands. What a great way to enjoy the gifts from Mother Nature. Great food, great drink and great

Enjoy             Jerry Kunnath                   
Fish/Veggie Boil
Lime Sauteed Salmon
Lime Sauteed Salmon

Our family eats plenty of salmon because we really like it and also for the cardiac health benefits of this
wonderful tasting fish. When it is available we prefer to eat the wild salmon from our local Great Lakes,
although we do limit the amount fish eaten from that source because of the chemical warnings. Our
second choice is farm raised salmon, like those that are available for purchase from stores like Costco or
our local supermarket. One of our favorite ways to enjoy this meal is also one of the easiest ways to
prepare it.

Lime Sauteed Salmon Ingrediants

[1] one pound of salmon fillet for every two people
[2] tbls. of lime juice
[1] fresh lime, sliced into 1/4 inch thick slices with rind
1/4 tsp. of garlic powder
1/4 tsp each of salt & pepper
[2] tbls of fresh or dried cilantro [always goes great with any fish dish]

Lime Sauteed Salmon Instructions

Put about an inch or so of fresh water in a large frying pan. Add the lime juice, salt & pepper to taste, lime
slices, garlic powder to taste, the cilantro [or parsley] and bring to a slow boil. Add the salmon fillets,
after you have skinned and de-boned them [also cut off any grey looking fat you might see on the fillet].
Cover the pan with a lid and turn the heat down to just make the water slowly boil and create steam.
When the fish turns a nice pink color and flakes easily when pricked with a fork remove the fillets from
the pan and enjoy with some buttered and parslyed potatoes and new carrots. This is a healthy and tasty
meal that I am sure you will enjoy.

Jerry Kunnath  
Batter Fried Fish
Batter Fried Fish

Sometimes nothing tastes as great as a nice, big plate of batter fried fish. Not only does the fish taste
great, but, the crunch when you bite into the fillets, the smell of the fish cooking, especially over an
open fire on the shore of a lake or river, and the sound of the 'sizzle' of the boiling oil all adds up to an
outdoor eating event. Although baking or grilling fish is a healthier way to enjoy your fresh caught
prizes, we have found a pretty healthy and tasty way to enjoy some fried 'water critters'. Follow my
directions and I'm sure you will enjoy the results. Just a comment...we have not received any kind of
payment or fee from any of the companies whose products I am going to mention in this article. I
mention them because I/we have used them often and find that they are both healthful and tasty.

Batter Fried Fish Ingredients

-Your fish-whatever it might be--we like to use cod, smelt, walleye, catfish, talapia, ocean perch, etc.
-Louisiana Fish Fry Products Seasoned Fish Fry [available in most supermarkets -blue bag with red

-White vinegar
-Caratino Palm Kernal Oil
[CAROTINO® Premium is a fully refined cooking oil produced from 100% natural Palm Fruits with all it’s
                                             phytonutrients retained-high in monounsaturated fats and Omega 3 & 6 oils-very different than regular palm oil]
-Yukon Gold Potatoes

Batter Fried Fish Instructions

Start with your fish, either filleted or whole, with skin or without, however you like it. Make sure it is
dried of water.[dry by patting with paper towel] Place the fish batter [we really like the flavor of the
brand mentioned and it is pre-seasoned] into a gallon size plastic freezer bag. Pour a good amount of
vinegar [use this instead of milk, beer or egg to attach the batter--the taste is really great] into a deep
bowl. Heat the oil [we use a digital controlled fish fryer] to about 375 degrees F. First dip the fish into
the vinegar, then place the vinegar dipped fish into the bag of batter and shake it around to coat
thoroughly. Place the fish on a plate till you have enough for a batch to fry. Cut up your potatoes into
wedges. [fry the potatoes in the oil after the fish-this will 'clean' the fish taste out of the oil so it can be
used again later-plus the taters taste great with the fish] Place the batch of coated fish into the frying oil
[we use Caratino because it is the healthiest oil that I know of. It is said to be even healthier than olive
oil and it doesn't impart a heavy taste to the fish] and fry for about 3 to 4 minutes, depending on the
thickness and type of fish. After you are done frying the fish place it in a large bowl with a layer of paper
towel on the bottom to absorb extra run off oil. Then fry your potatoes and place them in another bowl.
Eat and enjoy. After the oil has cooled, place it into a large, clean glass jar with a tight fitting lid and
place in a cool, dark place like a closet in the basement. While pouring the oil into the jar strain the
floating pieces of batter out with a strainer. The oil can be used a few times if cared for properly.

This is the healthiest way that I know of to enjoy fried fish and it is also the tastiest.

Jerry Kunnath               
Louisianna Seasoned Fish Fry