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This is the 'fly recipe' page. This is where you will always find clickable links to some really great fly tying
recipes. Some of the recipes will be for the good old
'standard' flies, whether they be dries, nymphs or
streamers. Others will be for originals that either we or some of our friends have created. Geeze, if you
have a good recipe send us a pic of it as a jpeg file and the recipe and we will be more than happy to put it
here to share with all our friends. If you like, include a story about how you developed your fly, how you
use it and even let us know about some of the fish you have caught with it. [Send pics of them also]

The Flydogs      Otis - Holly  & Sam
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Otis   -   Holly  &   Sam
Collection of flies
Fly tying bench
Olive Sparrow Nymph
Recipe for the
'Olive Sparrow Nymph'
Paul Young Soft Hackle Flies - 'Spider'
Recipe for the
Paul Young Soft Hackle Fly
White Epheron - White Fly
Recipe for the
White Epheron or White Fly
Tube Steak by Capt. Steve Kunnath - smallmouth bass fly
Recipe for the
Tube Steak - great for
smallmouth bass
Royal Coachman Fly
Recipe for the
Royal Coachman Fly
Captain Steve Kunnath's 'Fire Tiger' Streamer
Recipe for the
'Fire Tiger' Streamer
bass - pike -
Jamie's Krazy Carper
Recipe for the
Jamie's Krazy Carper
John Vincent's 'Disco Swimming Hex Nymph'
Recipe for the
'Disco Swimming Hex   
Michigan Hillbilly Nymph
Recipe for the
'Michigan Hillbilly          
It's Here...The 'Bruce Derington Collection'
Dry flies, streamers, nymphs, classics flies and egg patterns featuring the tying
   talents of a fly tying master craftsman.
The Bruce Derington Collection
         Grizzly Fly Fishing Flies By Schottsie
  Practical Fly/Streamer/Nymph Recipes & Pictures by Master Tyer Todd Schotts
                    click on  
Grizzly Flies By Schottsie here at