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Wood Products for Woodworkers
   Prime Quality Michigan Hardwood Specimens
Prime Specimen Birds eye Maple Hardwood
High Quality Michigan
Hardwood Specimens for
High End Woodworking
Projects at Low Prices
Flawless Birds eye Maple Specimen used
                        in a Dining Table
Quality Michigan Hardwood Prime Specimens

We have found an outlet for supplying you with the woodworking products that we know you
have been looking for, high quality Michigan grown
hardwood lumber stock. Furniture lumber
for high end projects for the professional or the amateur woodworker and cabinet maker. We
are also offering high quality, solid,
hardwood burls, many of them very large, on an as
available basis. And all these products are available at low, competitive prices. And we assure
that they are all high quality.

1/4 sawn Stock                  Standard Sawn
  • Red & White Oak                 Red & White Oak
  • Black Cherry                        Black Cherry
  • Walnut                                 Hard & Soft Maple

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Black Cherry Burl - solid, prime
Michigan Black Cherry Burl
Large Black Cherry Burl
Available: Solid, Unique, Large Black Cherry Burl
Black Cherry Burl
Available right now is a prime, unique, large Black Cherry burl
specimen that is solid with absolutely no rotten or open wood. This
burl has a fantastic and well defined grain pattern and weighs 125
pounds. Our standard price for burls of this high of a quality is
$2.50 per pound, which would make the price for this high end burl at
$312.50 USD plus [S&H]

This prime piece is ready to be shipped and used for your next
project. burls of this quality and size......" just don't grow on trees"
so hurry and give us a holler

Some Examples of Our Available Hardwood Stock
assorted hardwood lumber-prime-quality
   Quality hardwood lumber specimens
Quality Michigan Hardwood Lumber
Just Some of the Available Quality hardwood
Assorted Available Hardwood Burls
    Assorted Available Hardwood Burls
Giant Hardwood Burl
         Giant Michigan Hardwood Burl
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