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Mid/Late Summer Hopper Fishing
A Fly Fishing Tech Tip from the Flydogs
Fly Fishing 'hoppers' in the Summertime

Some productive flies for mid to late summer fly fishing are grasshoppers in size #8-#14. A good way to
fish grasshoppers is to locate a meadow or pasture along a river or stream that has many grasshoppers
doing what they do best, hopping; during the middle of the day. Walk down stream and drift your hoppers
in the area under overhanging branches and grass. Pretty much right where they might hit if they fell off
the grasses or over jumped the bank. The trout will be used to feeding on grasshoppers that fall in from
the meadow and drift down stream. Mr. trout just loves to eat grasshoppers and grasshoppers seem to
like floating on the water waiting to be gobbled up by trout. Well, maybe they do not exactly jump in the
water with the intention of being dinner, but it happens anyway. A hopper misses his intended grass
blade and wha-la, splash, its dinnertime for brookie. Well if your hopper fly is the offered treat, then you
just might have that brookie strumming on the end of your tippet for a few. Dry fishing hoppers can be a
productive way to dry fly fish during the summer’s hottest times. In addition, an added bonus of hopper
fishing is that many times it can be good during the middle of the afternoon on a hot day. Just find an area
where the taller, hopper holding grasses meet the riverbanks, near some deeper water, and you could be
in business. You might try to create your own 'feeding frenzy' also by catching a number of real hoppers
and standing upstream of a grassy area and throwing a hopper out over the water every few seconds for
a bit. If fish start rising to the provided meal cast your own hopper imitation to the same area and see if
you can entice a trout to strike your offering. Just make sure that you don't outline your self or cast your
shadow over the area you want to fish. Also make sure that you don't make too much noise while
approaching and moving around the river bank. That could spook the fish.

Hoppers can also work on your local lake or pond for casting to bass and panfish. Try some of the same
techniques here also.

Jerry Kunnath
A 'Foam' Hopper Fly
A 'Foam' Hopper Fly
A Fly Fishing Tech Tip
From the Flydogs
As a Fish Might See A Hopper Fly-From the Bottom
A Deer Hair Hopper Fly
A 'Feather Legged' Hopper Fly
As a Fish Might See a Hopper Fly
     From the Bottom
A Deer Hair Hopper Fly
A 'Feather Legged' Hopper Fly