Au Sable River Scene
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Au Sable Brookie
Au Sable Trophy Waters Brown Trout
Lake Huron Smallmouth
Au Sable River Walleye
Swimming Disco Hex Nymph
Michigan Carp on a Fly
Brian Vincent with Bass
Brace of Woodcock & Grouse
Lake St. Clair 'Golden Bonefish'
Lake St. Clair 'Smallie' & Otis
Jamie Kaminski & 40 inch northern pike
Lake Ogaki 42 inch northern pike
Lake St. Clair 33 inch northern pike
Gangler's Lodge Grayling
Garden River, Ontario Pinook Salmon
Rifle River, Michigan Steelhead Trout
Lake St. Clair, Michigan smallmouth bass & otis
North of Lake Superior 'Bronzeback'
Marquette, Michigan area king salmon
Michigan's Upper Peninsula Steelhead - Au Train River
Elk Creek,  Pa. sucker
Nice Au Sable Brookie caught by
Steve Kunnath
Brown Trout from Au Sable 'Trophy
Waters' caught by Maverick
Yamamoto photo
Lake Huron Smallmouth caught by
John Vincent
Au Sable River walleye caught by
Jerry Kunnath    
Sam Kim photo         
'Swimming Disco Hex Nymph' tied
by John Vincent  
John Vincent with a southeast
Michigan carp on a fly
Crazy Karper Recipe
John Vincent's son Brian with a
nice bass    
John Vincent photo
Terry, Randy & Bill with a brace of
woodcock & grouse at Hemlock
Steve Kunnath & Otis with a
Michigan 'Golden Bone' caught on
the flats of Lake St. Clair
Terry, Randy & Bill with a brace of
woodcock & grouse at
Steve Kunnath & Otis with a nice
smallie caught on  Lake St. Clair
Jamie Kaminski with a 40 inch
northern pike caught on a fly in
northern Canada
Steve Kunnath & Otis with a nice
smallie caught on  Lake St. Clair
Eric Folsom with huge 42" pike
caught at Lake Ogaki, northern
Jerry Kunnath with a 33" northern
caught in the middle of Lake St.
Steve Kunnath with a beautiful
grayling from Ganglers Lodge,
northern Canada
John Vincent with a nice 'pinook'
salmon from the Garden River,
Jerry Kunnath with a spring
steelhead from the Rifle River,
Bill Walker & Otis with a
smallmouth bass caught on Lake
St. Clair, Michigan
{kiss the fish Otis]
John Vincent with a 'bronzeback'
from the cold waters north of Lake
Superior, Canada
Steve Kunnath with a chinook
salmon caught in the Carp River
gorge in Marquette, Michigan
A steelhead we caught in the Au
Train River of Michigan's Upper
A nice, fat sucker Jerry Kunnath
caught in Elk Creek, Pa. [Jerry is
the one in waders]
fly caught carp from Iraq
Sgt. Kelly Gillespie with a really
nice carp caught while on duty in
Iraq - caught at Sadam's old digs -
way to go Army
Ray Hasiak with Lake St. Clair Smallmouth bass
Ray Hasiak with a Lake St. Clair northern pike
Flydogs friend Ray Hasiak with
a nice smallmouth bass from
Lake St. Clair. Ray caught this
bass last season using a
'Clauser Minnow' . Ray is an
accomplished fly fisher and fly
tyer as well as a talented rod
Ray Hasiak photo
Here's another pic of Ray
Hasiak with a nice northern
pike also caught last season
on a 'Clauser Minnow' while
wading the shallow flats of
Lake St. Clair - Ray says
'Clauser's Rule' and I agree

Sam - Flydog's Tech Director
Ray Hasiak photo
Wherever the trout are, it is beautiful.
Thomas Masaryck
I have been made to feel more at
peace about my hunting and
fishing because of my strict
observance of conservation
 President Jimmy Carter   
Jerry Kunnath with a Naturally Spawned 'Tiger Musky' from Lake St. Clair
Jerry Kunnath with his 'first'
musky, a rare, naturally spawned
'Tiger Musky' hybrid - this fish
weighed 20 pounds and was 41
inches long - caught & released on
his son Capt. Steve Kunnath's
charter boat
Link to Story of this catch
Jerry Kunnath with 40 inch Lake St. Clair Musky
Jerry Kunnath with his 'second' musky caught the
same day as the one to the left - what a day of
Ernie Balcueva II with is first pink salmon
Ernie Balcueva II [pictured above & his dad left]
caught his first ever pink salmon this fall on
Ontario's Garden River. Ernie caught this nice
fish in the evening on a 5 wt. flyrod. Ernie's
father says that this nine year old salmon fisher
has had a flyrod in his hands since the age of
two. Ernie's four year old brother has had the
same early start to his fishing career. The
Flydogs would like to congratulate Ernie on a
job well done with his flyrod. We would also like
to congratulate Ernie's father on a job well
done in getting his children started in
fly-fishing at an early age. We look forward to
seeing more pics of the Balcuevas with their
'fruits of the field and stream' in the future.
Good luck guys.
Fly Fishing for Musky on Lake St. Clair
Giant musky action on the best lake for
musky in North America
By: Captain Steve Kunnath
Ernie Balcueva with his giant walleye caught on a fly rod
Ernie Balcueva, one of the Flydogs valued members, sent us this great pic
of a giant walleye that he caught on the Big Manistee River below Tippy Dam
this spring. Ernie and a few of his fishing buds were casting for steelhead
when Ernies rod, loaded with a purple steelie bugger, did a big double take.
Ernie told me the fish hit and headed straight for the bottom of the river as
he set the hook. For over five minutes Ernie and his friends were trying to
guess just what he had on his line because the fish just wouldn't come to
the surface. Once they got the fish netted though Ernie was just amazed
because as he says, "I was amazed, as I had never even seen a walleye this
big before." But as luck would have it, Ernie caught this fish one week
before the walleye season started on the river, so they took a quick pic and
released the fish back quickly to the water.  Ernie adds, "As you can see, I'm
not holding the fish out from my body to make it appear bigger than it is.  My
friends estimate that it would have been around a 15 pounder, and said I
should have gotten the measurements of the fish. However,I didn't want to
get a ticket, so I released it as quick as I could.  Regardless, it was like
pulling an umbrella through the river as the fish had its mouth wide open
when I was pulling it up to the boat. I could have put my fist in the fishes
mouth, to give you an idea how large it was."

Congrats on the catch Ernie. And thanks for sharing your catch with us on  - Jerry Kunnath     
Monster Walleye Caught On A Fly
Randy Balcueva with his trophy bullhead
Youngster Catches Master Angler Bullhead

Well, my youngest outdid us all this past weekend.  My friend has a cabin in
Wellston, and we decided that we were going to bring all the kids up that we
could and see if we could get some of the big bluegills and perch that run around
in his lake.  Turns out that we picked a weekend when storms were running
rampant through the state, so we could only fish for a couple hours at a time,
having to head back in when the lightning and thunder returned.  The kids didn’t
seem to care too much though, until we were out on the water and a big bolt of
lightning hit within a few miles of us. That thunder scared the heck out of them.  I
was the lucky guy who drew the boat with an electric trolling motor, so I had my
two boys and one other kid in the boat.  We raced back to the dock, I got the boys
out of the boat and they ran back to the cabin while I grabbed the camera bag and
pop out of the boat.
My youngest son, Randy (who had just turned five), left his hook and worm in the
water when we left the boat, and the next morning the two of us went out to
collect our gear.  I noticed the tip of his rod was bouncing around, so I let some
line out and gave it to him.  I said “Hey, you can’t leave these in the water
overnight, what if a fish gets caught on it?”  Sure enough, he starts yelling about
a big fish and he can’t reel it in because of it’s size and he needs help.  He pulled
it up on the dock and asked what it was.  I thought it was a catfish, but after
further review I saw that it was a black bullhead.  I had never seen a bullhead
bigger than 8 inches in my life, so we measured it and weighed it with the scale.
When we got home we discovered that he’s got a master angler award coming to
him from the State of Michigan DNR.  It was 1.83 pounds and 14 ¼ inches long.
So, although we didn’t get any bluegills or perch that day, he couldn’t care less.  
He got a whiskered fellow that he can be proud of, one that he will remember the
rest of his life.  - - - A proud dad, Ernie Balcueva
Randy Balcueva [age 5] with his
MDNR Master Angler Bullhead
1.83 pounds and 14.25 inches
[Looks like a 'Master Angler'
smile on Randy]
The Balcueva Family Fishing Team
Becki Kunnath Proves 'Trophy Fish' Can Come In All Sizes
Becki Kunnath with her Cass Lake 'monster' bass
Becki Kunnath with her 'monster' Cass Lake bass
All fish are 'trophy fish'
Becki Kunnath is a pretty dedicatd fisher person. She gets
out on a lake or river just about every chance she gets.
While fishing on Cass Lake after work one evening this
summer she caught this 'monster'. As you can see from her
great smile she not only knows how to fish, she evidently
also has a great sense of humor. Here is the story of her
catch. "I was shakin in my flip flops when I landed this one...  
I thought for sure it would tear up my net with all it's thrashin.
I sure am proud of it...  Notice how I am holding it out so that
its full glory can be seen... I mean what a lunker!  You can
only imagine how long it took to get that baby to the boat."

Well maybe this bass isn't exactly gigantic, but, that doesn't
mean that Becki didn't have a good time fishing the lake that
eve after work. And after all, isn't that what 'IT' is all about.
Way to go Becki.
Becki Kunnath with a really nice U.P. northern pike
Becki Kunnath holding a really nice Upper Peninsula
northern pike that she caught recently on a fishing trip.
Becki Kunnath's fishin' partner, Luca, admiring one of her trophy fish
One of Becki Kunnath's fishin' partners, Luca, admiring
one of her trophy fish----- kiss the fish Luca
More 'Trophy' Great Lakes Musky from Lake St. Clair
Phil Sullivan with 1 of 7 released Lake St. Clair Musky
Phil Sullivan with Lake St. Clair Musky
Phil Sullivan with one of seven caught & released
Lake St. Clair Musky
Phil Sullivan with another Lake St. Clair Musky
caught on the Miss Megan with Capt. Dave Helzer
First Time Musky Fisher Cleans Up on Lake St. Clair Great Lakes Musky

Phil Sullivan didn't let the fact that he was just starting out musky fishing keep him and his friends from
catching musky. The 75 year young outdoorsman joined friends John Wonsowicz and Tom Hunt on the Miss
Megan, for a charter with Captain Dave Helzer. Phil, who over the years has worked for professional hockey
teams like the Port Huron Ice Hawks and the Border Cats, spent August 8th of 2008 on the lake trolling for
musky with Captain Helzer. In total, Phil and his friends boated seven out of nine hooked musky, quickly
releasing the healthy fish back to the lake to grow bigger and badder. Their main interest was releasing the
Great Lakes Musky as quickly as possible to avoid over stressing these beautiful trophy lake denizens. But, as
you can see in the pictures, all of these musky were easily in the 35 to 40 inch class. Lake St. Clair possibly
has more mature musky per square mile than any other waters in the world, due in large part to conservation
minded fishers like Phil, Tom, John, and Captain Dave Helzer. Everyone who loves to catch trophy St. Clair
musky owes these men a thankful clap on the back for their dedication to protecting the resource. Nice job
Lake St. Clair Musky about to be released
Lake St. Clair Musky About To Be Released
John Wonsowicz with Lake St. Clair Musky
John Wonsowicz with Lake St. Clair Musky
John Wonsowicz with yet another Lake St. Clair Musky
John Wonsowicz with yet another Lake St. Clair
Phil Sullivan with one more Lake St. Clair Musky
Phil Sullivan with still another beautiful Lake St.
Clair Great Lakes Musky