Au Sable River Scene
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More Great Pics/Trophy's

Otis, Holly & Sam
Maverick Yamamoto with a nice
'spawning red'
king salmon
caught near Anchorage Alaska
Maverick Yamamoto photo
Maverick Yamamoto with a nice king salmon in Alaska
Jerry Kunnath with 'Trout Opener' walleye - Au Sable River
Jerry Kunnath with a 'Trout
walleye from the Au Sable
River -
'Trophy Waters' Article
Sam Kim photo
Jamie Kaminski with a king salmon on Capt. Steve Kunnath's boat
Jamie Kaminski with king salmon
caught on
Capt . Steve Kunnath's
charter boat
Mike Jarvis with a North Carolina redfish
Mike Jarvis with a really nice
North Carolina
redfish --saltwater
Mike Jarvis photo
Jerry Kunnath at 'Troll Landing' Rifle River
Jerry Kunnath at a Rifle River
access site they put in just for
John Valk of Grindstone Angling with nice Ontario Steelhead
John Valk, owner of Ontario's
Grindstone Angling guide service
and flyshop with a nice
Large Sow [with three cubs] photo by jerry Kunnath 2003
A large sow black bear that Jerry
Kunnath video taped while bear
hunting in 2003 - she had three
cubs with her and is still growing
Steve Kunnath with 2 bucks & a doe - Michigan 2005 season
Steve Kunnath with 8 & 4 point
bucks and a doe taken
during 2005 deer season -way to
go Steve
When the creator made all
things, He first made the
fishes in the Big Water
 American Indian Legend
If you instill in your child a love of the outdoors
and an appreciation of nature, you will have
given him a treasure that no one can take away.
Ted Trueblood
Some Pics From Ray Hasiak's Vacation
On Au Train Lake in the Upper Peninsula
A peaceful Au Train River scene
A peaceful Au Train River Scene
Ray Hasiak picture
Ray Hasiak with a nice Upper Peninsula Northern Pike
Lake Superior Michigan Shoreline
Lake Superior Michigan      
      Ray Hasiak picture
Ray Hasiak with a nice
  Northern Pike
    Ray Hasiak picture
Ray Hasiak's son with a nice perch
Ray Hasiak's son with a nice
Upper Peninsula perch
Ray Hasiak picture
24 inch 4.75 pound largemouth bass
Flydogs friend Rodney Gentzel took his
young daughter fishing at Lake Orion. The
little lady got tired of fishing so Rodney used
her already baited ["worm was still good"]  2
foot 'Barbie Rod' and caught this great
largemouth bass - the fish was 24 inches
long and weighed in at 4.75 pounds ---- way
to go Papa!
Two Bass Caught on One Rapala
Look closely - Rodney was fishing a farm
pond somewhere in the Thumb of
Michigan and caught both a 17" and a 20"
largemouth bass on one Rapala
                AT THE SAME TIME
38 pound 56 inch King Salmon
Rodney caught this King Salmon at
the mouth of the Manistee river -
the salmon weighed 38 pounds
and was 56 inches in length
38 inch northern pike
Rodney caught this 38 inch northern pike
from Otter Lake, Michigan
Rodneys 2nd biggest king salmon
Rodney caught his 2nd biggest king
salmon also at the mouth of the Manistee
River - this king salmon was 32 pounds
and measured 48 inches
Rodney's daughter claimed this big
bass since it was once again her
'Barbie' rod that caught the
largemouth bass - I'd be scared of
that big of a fish also-JK
Some 'Fish Stories' from Rodney Gentzel