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Rustic Cabin/Lodge Furniture Craft Shop
An 'online' tour of our Northern Michigan wood yard and
furniture shop
redwood slab before finishing into rustic cabin/lodge furniture
rustic cabin/lodge furniture redwood custom dining table
Join us for a 'tour' of our shop, wood yard and facilities
Our furniture building shop, with it's adjoining wood yard and lumber mill, is locate in Northern
Michigan near the forests and woodlots where we find all of our hardwood stock. The hardwood
is all brought to our facility as raw logs, where our workers pick out only the best wood
specimens to use in our beautiful creations. The logs that make the 'final cut' are sliced to size
on a huge, commercial band saw, where our workers can use their years of experience and
knowledge to pick pieces that will be perfect for specific applications. While cutting the logs and
burls, our craftsmen keep a special eye out for blemishes, or other faults in the wood, that might
make for a poor finished product. These lesser grade woods are eliminated from the woods
used for the furniture, as only the most perfect cuts are used in our finished pieces.
cedar stump bases in the raw
white oak rustic cabin/lodge furniture logs in the ras
assorted top quality logs waiting for their turn as rustic furniture
The three pics above show a small number of the logs that are in our yard waiting their turn at being turned into
rustic cabin and lodge furniture - not all the logs will prove to be 'perfect' enough for our beautiful pieces.

Please just place your cursor over a pic to read an explanation of what is in the picture - thank you
a blcok of hardwood on the saw table--logs waiting to be cut
a giant log being cut on just one of the large band saws in our mill
anotherof the commercial band saws in our mill
Pics above: the logs are brought to the band saws where our craftsmen, knowing what cuts are needed, mill the logs
to special dimensions preparing them for their use in creating our furniture.
choice hardwoods milled to specifications and waiting to be dried in kiln
milled hardwood lumber in our kiln waiting to be dried
kiln dried hardwood ready to be made into rustic cabin furniture
[above left] In this pic, these walnut slabs, cut from one solid log in our mill, await their turn in the kiln to be brought to
the optimun moisture content. [Center pic] A pallet of lumber is in the kiln awaiting drying. [right pic] These
boards/slabs, have been dried and are waiting for their transport to the workroom to be made into furniture.
in our assembly shop - lathes, joiners, planes, small band saws, work tables
a workbench with small hand and power tools that help with building the furniture
tables waiting to be finished in the shop
[above left] Our assembly shop - lathes, joiners, planes, band saws, drill presses [center above] work bench with
assorted hand and power tools [above right] finished tables and pieces in the shop waiting their final sanding and
'applied' finish  
a special 'sanding/Joining' table in the shop
a beautiful 'heartwood' maple dining table awaiting 'finish' in the spray booth
a storeroom of black popple slabs for usein coffee and end tables
[above left] A special sanding/joining table used in building our rustic furniture [above center] a 'heartwood' dining
table awaiting it's final 'finish/sealing' in the sanding and spray room - note the beautiful center grain pattern of the
numerous sections of maple heartwood that were joined perfectly to make this one of a kind table [above right] a
store room of black popple slabs that are waiting to be made into coffee and end tables
Below are a few examples of the beautiful rustic lodge furniture that we make in our shop by our 'old world
craftsmen'. We apprieciate the time you have taken to look though our website, and we would really like to talk with
you about the possibility of providing some of our furniture for your home, cabin or lodge. If we can answer any
questions that you may have, either about our furniture creations, or about the materials and craftmanship of our
products, please email us at:


We look forward to hearing from you soon

To go to our other pages in our website featuring a wide selection of our products, just click on the link uyou would
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rustic solid walnut coffee table with 'old pine root' legs
sloid redwood coffee table with cedar stump base
birdeye maple dining table with a black walnut underframe and cedar stump base
black popple end/coffee table grain detail
sugar maple burl base black walnut dining table
glass topped cedar stump based coffee table