solid rustic cabin/lodge coffee table with cedar root/stump base
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Flydogs Flyworks LLC

This company has gone to the dogs.....the Flydogs
Quality Rustic Handmade Hardwood Cabin
        and Lodge Furniture
Quality Hardwood Lodge & Cabin Furniture at Great Prices

The Flydogs are proud to present to you a line of handmade, beautiful, and quite unique
hardwood furniture creations by a group of 'old world style' artisans located in Central Northern
Michigan. These '
Made in Michigan'  pieces are crafted from our friends own designs with local
high grade hardwoods like red oak, white oak, birds eye maple, black walnut, black cherry, white
and black popple, and cedar.[No particle board, ever -- solid hardwood] Our artisan friends create
rustic style furniture using old style techniques while utilizing the most modern shop
equipment and the highest grade quality hardwoods available. Thus, delivering a product that is
not only beautiful, but functional and long-lasting as well. All of our furniture is finished with
modern, long-lasting polymer finishes.

And all this in a package with prices that are way lower than any that you are used to seeing for
furniture of this quality and beauty. Check out the current offerings below and give us a call or
email for further information or to place your order. Custom and stock creations are also available
for purchase. If you have an idea of an item you might like to have created, let us know. Our
craftsmen can make it for you.  We guarantee that you will be very pleased with our artistic, rustic
lodge and cabin furniture.

All deliveries are straight from the factory in Northern Michigan. Add shipping & handling [varies
with model purchased] and State sales tax [6%] to the stated prices.  [tax to Michigan residents
[Payment in cashiers check or money order only]
Delivery times vary per piece-in stock items shipped promptly-call or email for more information

810-241-2852           email:
Lodge/Cabin Furniture Selection
Custom 'Deer Leg' Gun Rack/Mount
Custom 'Deer Leg' Gun Rack This beautiful custom gun 'deer leg' gun rack will look
absolutely great holding your favorite deer rifle or shotgun above your mantle or on your
favorite wall in your lodge or cabin. It's formed on a beautiful slab of black popple with some
really nice looking  wood grain detail, and real deer legs for the gun hooks.

We can offer this great looking conversation starter to you for only
$140.00 USD + [shipping]

                                            email us at
Custom Rustic Furniture Style 'deer Leg' Gun Rack/Mount
Black Walnut Coffee Table with pine root legs
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'Tables' page please click
Cabin/Lodge Rustic Tables
Birdseye maple dining table with black walnut underframe and cedar bases
various rustic cabin/lodge end tables
solid black walnut end tables with old pine root legs
We have found a need to expand our Rustic Cabin/Lodge Furniture website section by
adding specific pages for different types of furniture. Please just scroll down to the section
that you want to see and then click on the highlighted titles. You will then be taken to the
pages offering those products. Make sure not to miss the products lower on this page
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'Chairs' Page just click
Cabin Lodge Rustic Chairs
solid black walnut dining chair with cedar root/stump base
Black walnut dining chair with natural bark supports/frame
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Rustic Chairs
And still more products for your Cabin/Lodge
Etched Wood Wildlife Image Wall Clocks for Your Cabin/Lodge
Black Popple Wall clock with Black Bear etched image
This Black Popple Slab Wall Clock is etched with the image of a
Michigan Black Bear -- This clock has a sturdy timing mechanism
and is powered by a small, long life battery [which is easily
replaced on the back of the slab]
This clock will add the outdoor ambiance to your cabin or lodge
walls as it helps you to manage your valuable vacation time at
your 'home away from home.'

It is value priced at only:  
$70.00 + s&h
email us to order yours today
Black Popple Slab Wall Clock etched with Michigan Mitt Image
This Black Popple Wall Clock is similar to the one above although
this clock is etched with and outline of Michigan's Image along with
the State animal, the
White-Tailed Deer, the State fish, the Brook
Trout, the State flower, the Apple Blossom, the State bird, the Robin,
the State stone, the
Petoskey Stone, and the State of Michigan tree,
White Pine.

This beautiful addition to your cabin or lodge can be ordered for the
low price of only:   
$70.00 +s&h

email us today to order your clock
Solid Wood, Rustic Cabin/Lodge Fireplace Mantels and Shelves
solid wood rustic cabin/lodge fireplace mantels
We are proud to b able to offer to you
custom made,
rustic fireplace mantels
which are made out of large samples
of hardwoods like
oak, black walnut,
curly maple, redwood and many other
quality woods. These mantels can also
be used as shelves in your cabin or
lodge. They are sturdy, beautiful and

Like as it is with many of the items that
we offer, the prices on these beautiful
mantels depend on the size and type
of wood you prefer. So, email us today
with your request.

      Hand Carved Wooden Animal/Fish Statues      
Wildlife Paintings on Black Popple Slabs
We have recently begun to offer
for sale to our clients some really
beautiful items which include
and animal carvings
[see rainbow
trout to right] made from solid
wood. These hand carved items
are artistically created by some
local Northern Michigan artisans
and they are real eye grabbers.
We also are selling beautiful and
Wildlife Paintings [see pic
above on mantel and to the right]

created on
Black Popple slabs --
these wonderfully colored
paintings can be used as wall
hangings or as coffee and end
table tops
[as pictured at the right]

email for prices and availability
solid redwood coffee table with a carved rainbow trout statue on top
One of our beautiful solid black walnut coffee
tables with 'old pine root' legs
One of our solid redwood coffee tables with a
cedar root/stump base
note the carved trout - a new
offering ---see below
We also now offer
'do it yourself'
furniture kits - see
below for details
'Do It Yourself ' Rustic Cabin/Lodge Furniture Kits
glass topped coffee table with cedar root/stump base
rustic cabin/lodge fireplace mantel or shelf
black walnut end tables with cedar root/stump bases
black popple coffee table with cedar root/stump base
Yes, we now offer, to those who
are a bit handy with the tools,
It Yourself Kits' for making your
own rustic cabin/lodge furniture
You decide just what you want to
make yourself [and save lots of
money on] and email us with your
request/ideas and we will put
together a kit for you for that piece
of furniture. We will supply all the
pre-cut pieces that you will need
for your project. At your request
we can also make all the fasteners
available in the kit. When you
receive your kit, all you will need
to do is assemble and finish your
project. Advice will be given, of
course on request. Just about all
the pieces we offer for sale are
available as kits.   

email today with your ideas

Many of these pieces are now in stock but they
will move quickly. We can back-order just about
any pieces that we offer, however, some pieces
may take a bit longer to produce. We will do all we
can to quickly fulfill your order as quickly as
possible.   ------the Flydogs
Quick 'Hyperlinks' to our 'other' Rustic Cabin/Lodge Furniture pages

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Rustic cabin and Lodge Furniture Wood Yard and Shop 'online tour' Page
Remember, if you can think it up, our craftsmen
can make it - and make it better, and for less
money than anywhere else. Handmade by
Northern Michigan 'Old World' artisans - not
mass produced - EVER
If you are interested in any of the products listed above, and we are sure that you will probably be
interested, please email us at: - if you want us to call you please include your
phone number in the email - we will gladly answer all questions and supply any requested

When you do order furniture we, will ship your order just as soon as we receive payment. All
furniture is shipped fully insured, crated, and protected right from the shop where it was created.

Northern Michigan
rustic cabin furniture created by Michigan craftsmen using northern Michigan
quality hardwoods.

And remember, we can create any custom rustic cabin & lodge furniture. Call us with your ideas.

Thank you - the Flydogs 
copyright 2007 Flydogs Flyworks LLC
All Rights Reserved
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