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Solid Black Walnut End Table
with 'Antique White Pine Root' Supports/Legs
Here Is Our Collection Of
Quality Hand Crafted Rustic Cabin/Lodge End,
Coffee and Dining Tables
Solid Black Walnut End Table with Old Pine Root legs
Top View Solid Black Walnut End Table
Solid Black Walnut end Table with
legs/supports made from 'antique' white  
                           pine roots
The top surface of this Black Walnut table is
beautifully marbled with well accented grain
Michigan loggers felling big white pine-circa 1885
Loggers hand felling one of Michigan's giant white
pines around 1885 - like the one   that supplied the
roots for this tables legs
Solid Black Walnut End Table with 'Antique' White Pine Legs This solid black walnut end table is
24" X 24" and is approx. 24" high [although as mentioned above they can be made to your spec.]. Besides the
beauty of the solid black walnut top, the most interesting feature of this end table is the fact that it's legs are
made from the roots of one of our Michigan giant white pines, the tree of which was harvested probably before
1900. These roots, buried since the tree was planted by nature, hundreds of years ago, have aged with a
wonderful hue and are naturally preserved. Their unique color enhances the mystique of this great furniture

Due to the rising and lowering of black walnut lumber/trees on the current market, please call us for a price
quote on any black walnut pieces ---- the price fluctuates on the piece with the market's current rate

 please email us today
Solid Black Walnut 'Tree Root' Based Coffee Table
Solid Black Walnut 'Tree Root' Based Coffee Table
Solid Black Walnut 'Tree Root' Based End Tables
This particular set of tables are sized at about:
15 to 18 inches long - 24 inches wide - and about 24
inches high - your end tables can be made to a number of
dimensions as per your choice
Solid Black Walnut 'Tree Root' Based Coffee Table
This quite unique solid hand-crafted 'Made in Michigan' Black walnut coffee table will add real natural
beauty to any rustic cabin or lodge decor. The 'tree root' base is an original idea of our 'old world'
Michigan craftsman and we doubt that you will see another like it anywhere else.

This 'one of a kind' coffee table is offered for a price that is lower than any you will find elsewhere. Email
us today to get a price for creating yours. We can ship it to you immediately. Call or email today to reserve
it for your lodge.
Can be matched/used with  the end tables listed above !!!

Solid Black Popple End Tables
 White 'Cedar Root' Legs
Solid Black Popple End Tables with 'Cedar Root' Legs
Top View-Solid Black Popple End Tables with 'Cedar Root' Legs
 Solid Black Popple End Tables
Note the beautiful '
cedar root' bases
Top View of the Intricate Grain Detail
on the
Solid Black Popple End Tables
Solid Black Popple End Tables

This is one of the most 'room enhancing' pieces of furniture that we have seen. These Balck
Popple end tables, measuring approx. 15" x 18" and approx. 24" high, are just like the coffee
table listed below, made from solid Black Popple. The detail of the
'growth ring' grain is
something that will catch your eye each time you or your guests enter the room.

Works great with the 'coffee' table listed below.

These hand-made end tables are offered for the price of only........
$196.00 USD [+s&h] EACH, and they may be ordered with the coffee table below              
email us today
Solid Black Popple Coffee Table
 White 'Cedar Root' Legs
Solid Black Popple Coffee Table with 'Cedar Root' Legs
Solid Black Popple Coffee Table Top
Solid Black Popple Coffee Table
with 'Cedar Root' Legs/Supports
Top View - Solid Black Popple Coffee Table
Note the Beautiful and Intricate Grain
Solid Black Popple Coffee Table

Just imagine how great this solid Black Popple Coffee Table would look between your couch and
the mantle of your fireplace at your northern Michigan lodge.

One of the most intriguing facets of this natural looking table is the 'growth ring grain' and how it
is highlighted with the high gloss finish. Another nice touch is the fact that the craftsman who
created this table decided to leave the bark on the outside of the table top, ensuring that a bit of
the northern woods will be displayed in your cabin. Imagine a cold winter night with a gently
falling snow, and the firelight from your hearth dancing lightly across this mirrored table top as
you sip a hot caramel
cappuccino or a steaming mug of mulled cider.

This table, measuring 18" x 43" and approx. 18" tall, is also supported by '
Cedar Root' legs, only
adding to it's '
Up North' appeal.    Works great with the 'end' tables listed above.

This hand-made table is offered at the unbelievable price of only........
$250.00 USD [+s&h]    email us today
Solid Sugar Maple 'Burl' Based End Tables
Solid Sugar Maple End Tables with 'Burl' Bases
Solid Curly Maple End Tables with Unique 'Solid Burl' Bases
Solid Sugar Maple End Table with 'Burl' Base-Burl Base Detail
Solid sugar Maple end Table with 'Burl' Bases - Top Detail
One of the rare 'burls' before crafting into furniture
Solid Curly Maple End Tables
with Sugar Maple 'Burl' Bases
These solid Curly Maple end tables are mounted on
beautiful, unique and rare sugar maple 'burl' bases. They
are too beautiful to properly describe here on this website,
but, we are sure that you would welcome them into your
home or cabin.

Please email us for a price quote --- our prices are the
lowest that you will find anywhere for pieces of this quality
and construction --- email us today to start your order

Base detail
Table top detail
A Sugar Maple Burl in the raw
Remember, if you can think it up, our craftsmen can probably make it - and make it
better and for less money than anywhere else. Handmade by northern Michigan 'Old
World' artisans - not mass produced
Hand Crafted, Rustic, Cabin/Lodge Custom Dining
Custom crafted to your specifications
Hand Made in the 'Old World' style in Northern Michigan
Solid Birds Eye Maple Dining Table with Black Walnut Trim
          & '
Cedar Root' Leg Supports
Birdseye maple dining table with black walnut frame and cedar stump bases
Please see our bountiful offering of tables below, including black walnut, black popple,
curly maple, redwood and other hardwood -  end -  coffee and dining tables.
Keep in mind that any of our end and coffee tables can be outfitted with either 'cedar
stump or root' bases or legs made from the '
old white pine' roots.
various end tables offered by
On the left are various end tables that we have
made for our clients. Many of the pieces that we
offer are in stock at any one time, however, all you
have to do is to let us know what you are thinking
of having made for your log home, cabin, or lodge
and our craftsmen can easily put your ideas into
reality as a custom made piece of artistic furniture
that will become an
heirloom piece to be handed
down through the generations in your family.

Email us today with your ideas or wishes

Glass topped cedar stump based coffee table
Glass topped cedar stump based coffee tables
Glass Topped, Cedar Stump Based Coffee Tables
                                                or end tables
These glass topped cedar root/stump based coffee tables are proving to be very
popular items with our clients. They are very useful in rooms that are smaller as
their clear glass tops let you see right through them making it seem as if they aren't
there taking up room at all. These tables are also very attractive, and, with their
'woodsy bases', they only add to the outdoor ambiance of any room that they

These tables are fairly inexpensive compared to some of the pieces that need more
wood and finishing. They can be bought/created in many different sizes so please
email us to find out how inexpensive 'your' glass topped coffee or end table can be.

front view birdseye maple dining room table with cedar stump bases
Solid Birds Eye Maple Rustic
Cabin/Lodge Dining Table
Note the solid Black Walnut Frame and
the '
Cedar Root' Table Supports
A special feature of this unique line of
quality solid hardwood furniture
birdseye maple table surface detail
birdseye maple diningtable front view--note black walnut underframe
The surface of this table, with 'Birds Eye
' grain is unbelievably beautiful
Birds Eye Maple dining Table in
the Shop right after coming back
from the 'finishing room' - note the
beautiful sheen of the table's finish
redwood slabs able to be used for coffee tables and dining tables
Our craftsmen have just recently been able to aquire huge redwood logs with which to make
redwood slab coffee tables and end tables. These woods take on a beautiful hue when finished
and polished to a sheen. They make wonderful additions to any home, cabin or lodge. The smaller
slabs, like the ones pictured above, will make some very interesting coffee tables. The larger logs,
when cut to size in our own lumber mill, are already gracing many homes as dining tables fit for a
      Email us today to talk with us about your redwood coffee, end or dining table.

Birds Eye Maple Dining Table This beautiful, solid birds eye maple dining table was
created for one of our valued clients. The table measures 36" wide by 60" long and is set at the
standard height of 30". These dimensions will provide ample space for you and your friends at
dinner. NOTE: Make sure to notice the mounting frame of solid black walnut which totally
enhances the look of this '
one of a kind' table.

Also note the support legs, a special feature of this whole line of quality furniture. The
legs/supports are made from natural white cedar tree bases and roots. The bases alone would
be a beautiful addition to your home or cabin. This table is truly unique.

This is just one example of the kind of table that we can create for your dining room/lodge. More
unique examples of our beautiful table creations are contained below.

These tables are priced as per your specs as each one is an individual choice as to size, material
and style. We want to hear from you about your preferences as to material and size for us to
create your 'dream dining table'.

To order your table from us, or to just ask questions on what is possible, just email your contact
info to us by clicking the 'info' email link below.

Solid, Custom, California Redwood Dining Tables
A True Thing of Beauty
California Solid Redwood Dining Table with White Cedar Stump Bases
Close up of California Redwood Dining Table Surface
Although we know that this solid redwood dining table looks beautiful in these pictures, the true
hues and feel of this wonderful table really can't be described fully to do it justice. It's one of hose
things where someone would most likely say, 'you would have to be there to see it for yourself.'

This table was created specifically for one of our most treasured clients who placed it in their
mountain log lodge. To say that they have already impressed their friends and neighbors with this
piece would be quite an understatement.

This particular one piece redwood dining table was sized for seating ten diners. We can make one
for you today to your specs for way less than anyone else can or will. You deserve to have a table of
this quality and beauty in your building today.

Email today to talk with us about 'your' redwood dining table.

Glass Topped, Antler and Cedar Root/Stump Based
Dining Room Table
Glass Topped Antler and Cedar Root/Stump Based Dining Table
Glass Topped Antler and Cedar Root/Stump Based Dining Table
This table's name pretty much describes it all----it's a glass topped dining table that is built on a beautiful and
rustic white cedar stump base that is adorned with
moose, elk and deer antlers. The antlers aren't only for
show as they are also part of the support of the table. The anltlers actually add to the artistic beauty of the
finely finished and polished white cedar stump. This unique table is currently being enjoyed by a family in
their lodge set back in the woods of the northland. We can create a similar work of art for your dining room,
with, or without the antler decorations. Your choice.

Email today to place your order                                        
Solid 'Curly Sugar Maple' Dining Table
with Unique 'Solid Sugar Maple Burl' Base
Black Walnut Under-frame
                                 Found Only at
Solid 'Curly' Sugar Maple Dining Table with Sugar Maple 'Burl' Base
Curly Maple Burl Based Dining Room Table side View
Solid 'Curly'  Maple Dining Table
with Black Walnut under-frame
and a 'Solid Sugar Maple Burl' Base
Solid Curly Maple dining Table with Blck walnut underframe and burl base
Pictures truly don't do justice to the natural beauty of this
dining table. The top dining table surface is solid 'Curly'
maple, just like the prime wood used in many fine quality
firearm stocks. The beautiful 'sugar maple' grain is
highlighted with numerous bands of wonderfully accented
grain lines. The 'black Walnut' frame that supports the top
is selected from only the best quality walnut woods.
However, the most significant and unique feature of this
one of a kind dining table is the solid 'sugar Maple Burl'
base. It is handcrafted from a huge, solid, sugar maple
burl. A really rare find in the north piney woods of
Michigan or any other place. Our artisans have spent many
hours scouring the northern woods for hardwood burl
specimens like the one they used to craft this table. This
one of a kind creation is sure to make you and your home
the envy of all your friends.

To have this table delivered to your lodge/cabin email us
today to reserve a piece just like this one for yourself.

'Curly' Sugar Maple Burl Based Dining Table Top  
View - With Black Walnut Underframe
Many pieces are now in stock, but, they do will move quickly. We can back-order just about any pieces that we offer,
however, some pieces, like these 'burl' tables, may take a bit longer to produce since the burls are very rare and hard to
find. We will do all we can to fulfill your order as quickly as possible. But, like I said, these end tables and dining tables
move quickly, so contact us soon.   ------the Flydogs
Remember, if you can think it up, our
craftsmen can make it - and make it
better and for less money than anywhere
else. Handmade by northern Michigan
'Old World' artisans - not mass produced
You will receive a 'one of a kind'
quality piece of furniture art---for a
fraction of what the 'factory' stores
If you are interested in any of the products listed above, and we are
sure that you will probably be interested, please email us at: - if you want us to call you please include your
phone number in the email - we will gladly answer all questions and
supply any requested information.

When you do order furniture we will ship your order just as soon as
we receive payment. All furniture is shipped fully crated and
protected right from the shop where it was created.

Northern Michigan
rustic cabin furniture created by Michigan
using northern Michigan prime quality hardwoods. [except
for the redwood pieces:}
And remember, we can create any custom rustic cabin & lodge
furniture. Call us with your ideas.

Thank you - the Flydogs 
Black walnut end table with pine root legs and Walnut dining chair
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