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Located on this page, and elsewhere in our website, you will find information, links, stories and maybe
sometimes just a heartfelt 'thank you' to our valued sponsors. Without these generous souls we would
not be able to publish this website. [Their generosity also helps buy our dog food] So please do all that
you can to support these good people/businesses. Buy their products, use their services and above
all, let your friends know about them.

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Sam & Otis 'Kickin Back'
Holly - Flydogs CFO
Panel Concepts Inc. - Mio, Michigan
Panel Concepts - The Small Cottage Company

Panel Concepts offers a variety of Cabins to accommodate your
needs.  Some Log Cabins that they offer are Log Cabin Kits, Log
Cabin Home Kits and Small Log Cabins Kits.  Panel Concepts
have 3 main Log Cabin variations including The AuSable Log
Cabin Kits, The Knotty Pine Log Cabin Home Kits, and The
Kirtland Log Cabin Kits.  These Log Cabins serve a multitude of
uses including a shed, a pool house, or hunting cabin just to
name a few.  Each of the Log Cabin variations has many different
models as well.  There is also large variety of Log Cabin
Accessories and Log Cabin Furniture available.

To see the whole line of this great companies products go to:

Fishgillz Floating Polarized Sunglasses
With the Fisherman in mind, Fishgillz™ created these
lightweight, polarized floating sunglasses. FishGillz
Spotter Plus® Lens Technology is critical in reducing the
glare reflecting off the water's surface, allowing the angler
to see fish hiding spots such as rocks, stumps, logs, as
well as the fish themselves.
And these sunglasses FLOAT
No more lost glasses that slip off your head and end up in
Davy Jones' Locker.

  Fishgillz Floating Polarized Lense Sunglasses
Fishgilz Floating Polarized Lense Sunglasses
Humminbird - Simply. Clearly. Better.
Minn-Kota    Anywhere    Anytime
Humminbird supplies some of the best fishing tools that
are available on the market. Flydogs CEO, Otis, runs the
Humminbird 787c2 GPS/Fish Finder Combo [pic to left] on
his 'humans' charter boat---Captain Steve Kunnath runs
this Humminbird combo on his
Lake St. Clair guide
service and it has proven to work flawlessly while he
hunts for trophy smallmouth bass, musky and pike for his
clients. This companies equipment is happily endorsed by
the Flydogs...because we use it and we know it is good.
Otis also likes it because it helps Steve's clients to land
fish, to which Otis likes to give a snaky lick.
Humminbird 787c2 GPS/Fish Finder Combo
Captain Steve also runs Minn-Kota products on his Lake
St. Clair charter service because like Humminbird,
Minn-Kota products work. On his Scout Flats boat Capt.
Steve ensures that his batts are up to charge with the
MK 315 Automatic charge system. To propel
the boat for hours of carefree service chasing trophy
fish he uses the
Minn-Kota Riptide Saltwater bow mount
motor. Both of these products, as all Minn-Kota
products, help Captain Steve to get his clients on to
some really nice trophy fish on a regular basis.
Minn-Kota Riptide Trolling Motor
Minn-Kota MK315 Automatic Battery Charger